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Chinese Whisper It is Great Fun!

     How often do you meet unfriendly people in your life? Perhaps, across the street, shopping somewhere, and also in personal or professional surroundings? Apparently, it seems the person who does not smile back to you is actually hostile or a not so fun guy. According to a dentist, these people are actually too self-conscious about their teeth. Technically, the solution is to see a cosmetic dentist rather than avoid smiling altogether. After this you can surely enjoy any game with your friends without the need to suppress your smile. One such purely gaming experience is that of Chinese whisper.

Some know it as "whisper down the lane" while others call it "broken telephone". No matter what you call it, the game is surely a hell lot of fun. The best part is there is no winner in this game, but still it is entertaining.

The real excitement is when you compare the initial and final messages. The chain of messages starts when the first player whispers something to the immediate neighbor. He then passes on the message to person next to him without speaking it out loud.

The message continues to the farthest corner in the same way. When it reaches the last player, he has to speak it loud. Here comes the fun part as the actual phrase has completely changed by the time it reached the final player. This happens due the combined mistakes throughout the line.

You can even intercept the message in the middle of the chain after it has traveled to the farthest corner. If someone attempts to deliberately change the original phrase then it is counted as cheating. Moreover, every player has to transfer the message fast. Otherwise, the whole point of the game is lost.

It is Chinese whisper that holds the honor of world record for involving the maximum number of players. It was in 2004 that the largest game involving 614 people was organized. Mac King, a comedy magician was the one behind this. He whispered the phase; "Mac King is a comedy magic genius" he had already predicted the outcome as "Macaroni cantaloupe knows the future". What left the audience wide-eyed was the fact that this was the actual outcome.

Besides being an amusement, this game also has extra educational value. It teaches us a valuable lesson that how easily information can be mistakenly altered by indirect communication. Through this game, children can be educated about the harmful effects of gossiping. Furthermore, you can teach them to keep the pitch of their voices under control. This will keep them attentive while listening. In this case, the game becomes a success if the message reaches every child through whispers rather than shouting.

Learners of a foreign language can be greatly benefitted through Chinese whisper. However, this can be done at some point of their learning process but will be of no help in the beginning. While learning a foreign language, the biggest challenge is to understand the low-volume and fast conversations. This is where Chinese whisper can prove to be a good practicing ground.

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