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Casa Magna Domus Magnus Review

     The Casa Magna Domus Magnus has enjoyed numerous favorable reviews from cigar aficionados around the country. For its eye-catching beauty and its superb flavor, consensus says that the Casa Magna Domus Magnus is a cigar worthy of indulgence. With a relatively short history, this cigar has commanded a lot of attention since its entrance into the market earlier this year.

In 2008, Quesada released a quality cigar called the Casa Magna Colorado Robusto that surprised many. It was named #1 by Cigar Aficionado and became well loved by many enthusiasts.

Not being a heavy hitter in the industry, people were surprised by the exceptional ratings that this cigar obtained. Now, this newer version, the Casa Magna Domus Magnus, delivers a different flavor that surpasses its predecessor in both popularity and quality. Manuel Quesada along with the Plasencia family has produced a great addition to their line of exceptional products by creating this gem.

The stunning wrapper is the first aspect that catches a person's attention when they open their box of these limited cigars. Hailing from Nicaragua, this wrapper presents a chocolaty brown appearance. Its silky texture, due to the presence of a well-balanced blend of oils, adds to its luster and attractiveness.

An appealing visual dimension is created by the slight presence of veins in the wrapper of this box pressed cigar. Inside, the construction of the filler is nicely compact and gives it a moderately weighty feel.

Surrounding the wrapper are two bands. Red, blue and yellow are the base colors of the first band while gold lettering overlays this band.

The second band, located at the foot is black with gold lettering. The visual effect is completed with a short pigtail.

While visual appeal is important, the smell and taste of the cigar is the utmost consideration when evaluating its quality. Since a plethora of reviewers consider this cigar a must buy, it follows that the smell and taste are strong attributes of this product.

The aroma that tantalizes the senses at first whiff is filled with woody, leathery, and chocolate notes. Upon lighting up, there is an immediately strong flavor packet that greets the smoker.

According to those who have tried the Casa Magna Domus Magnus, the first third of the smoke is somewhat peppery, with a hint of woodiness, a significant dark chocolate flavor, and a slight citrus note. Into the second third of the smoke the citrus note drops to the distant background while the spicy chocolate flavor permeates the senses.

The final third picks the citrus flavor back up as the chocolaty attribute diminishes. Throughout the burn, the salt and pepper colored ash is consistent and stable.

Though the history of this cigar is short, the Casa Magna Domus Magnus has earned a place among the great according to those who have written reviews about this newcomer. The wrapper is of high quality in both appearance and taste.

The burn, ash, draw, and flavor combine to create a fantastic smoking experience. The only drawback to this product seems to be the fact that it is a limited edition. All agree that this is truly a great addition to any humidor.

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For more information on Casa Magna Domus Magnus, lighters, cigar cutters, and humidors visit our online shop.

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