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Caring for a Disabled Child

     It is possibly one of the most challenging jobs in the world that can wear you out, and yet, most people will never opt out of it. We are talking of caring for a disabled child. As a parent, having a child with a physical disability can cause a sea of change in every aspect of your life – physical, emotional, social and financial. Adapting to such changes is a long-term process but by sticking to a few basic guidelines, it is possible to stay positive and give your child the best care possible under the circumstances.

Stay Well-Informed
If your child has a physical disability, you may be taking him or her to a doctor for a regular checkup or perhaps you visit a Vancouver physiotherapist for exercise sessions. Make it a point to speak openly with your doctor about the challenges you face and ask if they can recommend any solutions. A doctor or physiotherapist who works with disabled children is likely to know of the recent developments in the field and can help you find out if there is something that makes life easier for your child. Read up on your own from books and websites that deal with the specific disability your child has – you will often find some valuable advice that can come in handy in caregiving.

Share Responsibilities with a Spouse
In many families, the primary responsibility of caring for a disabled child rests on the mother. While this may be unavoidable, it also puts a lot of strain on her and over time, can lead to a buildup of resentful feelings that erode the marital relationship. When the father shares some of the responsibilities of caring for the child or helps with household chores, it gives the mother some much-needed breathing space and also makes her feel cared-for.

Ask for Help
Wanting to do everything on your own is a part of the protective instinct for most mothers. However, there can be times when it starts stressing you out. If you are finding it difficult to manage the care of your child on your own, look for help. See if one of the parents can change to a part-time job so he or she is available at home. Ask any empathetic person - your parents, a relative or a friend – to help you with transport or shopping responsibilities or occasionally staying with your child for some time while you get a breather.

Connect with Other Caregivers
Build friendships with other parents who come with their kids to the Vancouver physiotherapist office. Exchange notes on how you cope with your child’s disability; often, you will find yourself learning from the experiences of other parents. Whether it is with managing your expenses for the child, or dealing with your own feelings and tiredness, these conversations can be a treasure house of information because they come from personal experience.

When your child has a disability, it is natural to feel isolated from other people because you think that no one really understands what you are going through. Rather than indulging such thoughts for long, it is wise to be proactive, seek help and share the responsibility of caring for your child with other close family members.

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