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Can The FDA Be Reformed?

     This article asks can the heavily criticized Federal Drug Administration (FDA) the American approval body that decides if drugs or potential food products go into production and sales be reformed? Or should we introduce a completely different system?

An article from health journalistJessica Fraser reported that the institute of Medicine (IOM) has heavily criticised the FDA for its inability to protect the public from potentially dangerous drugs and profiteering motivated by pharmaceutical companies.

The IOM propose some radical changes should be made to the FDA, through congress. This includes limitations made to advertising and a number of health and safety measures, such as clear indicators, showing how safe drugs are with respect to how long they've been on the market: If a drug has been on sale for two years or less, then it will display a black triangle. This will show that the long-term safety has yet to be reasonably proven, unlike older drugs still on the market without side effects.

The IOM also propose that via the FDA, lawsuits should be given to pharmaceutical companies failing to comply with the above safety changes. Safety reviews will be considered on every drug at least once in five years, and the results of human drug trials made public.

-It was nice to see a damning report on the FDA; highlighting the failure to protect the public with safe drugs and exposing commercial ties with Big Pharma. But do the proposed reforms go all the way?

Naturopathy advocate and author Mike Adams doesn't think so. He suggests that:

ALL consumers advertising should be banned.

Enquiries should be under way with a view to looking for criminal activities in the decision-making processes made from individuals in the FDA and proposes that an internal affairs office should be put in motion.

As for the question: Can the FDA be reformed? I'm sure you would agree with me in saying, as long as money and self-interest continues to raise its ugly head, which is the crux of the matter, then I can't see that it will ever be reformed.

The above proposals are, no doubt, a step in the right direction. So are the suggestions that the FDA should have a firmer leader / commissioner over the longer time period of six years, and drug reviews should be prevented from being rushed.

The FDA is reluctant to make the drug trials public, fearing that trade secrets may be revealed and they don't want a ban on advertising (it's profits before people again).

I'm not convinced that anything will come out of all this. Too much trust will still be put in the hands of the FDA on matters of drug safety. Is it a case of the FDA being made to be seen doing something when there is not real intention to make any significant changes?

-Of course, time will tell.

Favours for favours

The authorities: The FDA; the pharmaceutical company's representatives; the government officials; the President; congress members; lobbyists… and a paid off press contribute to the political oligarchy making up the medical / pharmaceutical establishment, consisting of a few select handfuls of individuals when it comes to making decisions regarding the sickness business.

These individuals can sometimes forget that it's the people who have the power to put authorities in office as servants, not the other way round. If you feel strongly about anything you don't like about politics and health matters then it's up to you to rally for the truth: Spread the word; get campaigning, stirring, advertising, get partitioning…

However, above all, and once again, the main thing to realise here is that your health is up to you. Learn to see right through the deception. Collect the facts. Step right back and then see…

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