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Best Tips On How To Potty Train

     Potty training is a task that everyone has to go through where children learn to use the bathroom in the toilet. Children vary in age when the time comes for them to start potty training because each child is different in how long it takes. Potty training takes some time and patience before the child is completely potty trained. There are always some slip-ups and this is natural. Parents try their hardest to make the potty training time go fast, but it is based on each child and the effort that they put into it.

Most children show interest in going to the bathroom when they are ready to be potty trained. They have the desire to wear big girl or big boy underpants. Some kids get frustrated wearing a diaper and that is a good sign that it may be time to start potty training your child. A potty chair can be purchased to help a child learn better to go to the bathroom. Parents may also take the child to sit on the potty chair several times a day to help them get used to the feeling of going to the potty.

Some people believe that potty training boys is somewhat harder than potty training girls. This is because boys have to both sit and stand to use the potty. The parent will have to take the time to use both methods so that the boy can eventually learn to do both things. Girls just have to sit on the potty chair, but must be positioned correctly. Children must learn the proper way to wipe after using the potty. A potty chair is a useful tool when it comes to potty training your child. It makes things go so much easier for the child and the parents. The child feels more secure sitting on the chair with their feet on the floor. Some parents opt to use a regular toilet covering it with a potty seat. This keeps the child from feeling like they may fall into the toilet. The child may enjoy flushing the toilet after they are finished.

Boys and girls alike would rather go to the potty when they are ready then being stuck in diapers. It makes them feel like they are grown when they can wear real underpants and makes them feel like they are accomplishing something. It is a good idea to praise your child when they go to the potty each time, so that they know they are doing something good. Kids are easy to catch on to potty training in most cases and learn what is expected of them. It just often takes time, but some kids may catch on faster than others. It is a good idea to start your kid's potty training as soon as they show some interest in going to the bathroom on their own. Do not forget to praise your child each time they go to use the potty whether they really do anything or not. This is how to potty train boys and potty train girls successfully.

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