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Being a Single Parent is Good 4 Me

     I've been a parent for almost 29 years with seven children and currently have a four year old along with 3 others still in the home and I find myself at this point being a single parent for the past two and a half years. This isn't any of those "this is what you should do" articles, just about what I did. Initially it was a bit of a struggle as the kids and I transitioned into a new lifestyle, but the change was good and only got better. As a matter of fact, aside from the financial stress of having to walk away from my career to care for my two year old (at that time) and the emotional impact the sudden change had on the rest of the kids for a while, it was and still is a blessing. It forced me to dig deep for answers to questions I never had to deal with before, and forced me to become very creative with survival tactics I never thought I 'd have to manage or even knew were within me. In other words, I've become a different person ... a better person for me, my family, my friends, and most importantly my children.

The kids look to me for all the answers, all the rules, all the guidance, and all the love and respect they need to not just survive, but thrive in their lives. We all endured this together, and I have as much respect for them as any other people on earth. That mutual respect was earned by all of us, not a freebie through sympathy or demanded. There is a huge difference I've learned, as discipline is now no more than a disappointed look. I don't need to raise my voice, don't have to ground or punish, I merely watch them react to the discovery of their own disappointment in themselves then reassure them that it needs to be their inner voice as they make their way through this world in their own glorious fashion.

Being a Single Parent Forever ... Whatever

Initially I couldn't even bear the thought of ever trusting another person in our home that would have any influence over any of us. However, after about a year or so it was obvious I was still attracted to the opposite sex and liked to feel alive and desired as a mate around them. The challenge I found is that by being a single parent, I was critical. Not a little bit, I was a "freak" about anybody changing anything about our lifestyle we created as a family together and passing any judgments towards any one of us about any shortcomings we may still be handling. Funny thing is ... I got worse as I went along! The individual types I used to be attracted to were no longer even in the running, I had changed way too much to be attracted to them any longer. And as fate would have it ... I had somehow become more attractive to them and found myself being chased by many. The drama alone was enough to keep me home and grounded for another six months, ha-ha!

I believe I will have another relationship someday, but I know it's going to be a great one ... from day one. I know this because I think about the importance of a romantic relationship as opposed to the relationship with my kids as I finish raising them being a single parent. There's just no competition, I'll roll the rest of my days without a romantic relationship before I'll ever compromise what I have with my kids. I think this is a good place to be emotionally when entering a new relationship being a single parent. It only took two and a half years in order to get here, but oh what a feeling!

Being a Single Parent and Working at Home ... Yeah!

Building a successful relationship with your kids I believe is the single most important task any parent could ever have, and being a single parent creates among the most difficult challenges in the universe to make that happen. The biggest question on my mind at first was ... How am I going to care for my little guy and make money too? Looking after my little guy obviously won that argument, but the real challenge was identifying how to earn money without having someone else raise and have more influence over any of my kids. I knew I had to work at home being a single parent. This is where most of my personal growth and strength came from ... by seeking answers and grinding my way through pure financial Hell. But this is a story all its own and I'll share on another day ... hope to see you then. Until then ... capitalize on your own struggles:).

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I'm a single work at home dad by necessity rather than by choice. In any event, if you're looking to become a work at home parent visit the link to my website above, or click here for options and ideas for the work at home parent.

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