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Become A Better You With Pyschology

     To study how the mind of man works and how he behaves is called Psychology. Ancient civilizations are believed to have started this scientific process of questioning of how the human mind functions.

At present time, the way that the human mind is being studied has been more methodological and more comprehensive, having a qualitative and quantitative approach on studying human behavior.

Professional researchers, shrinks or those who practice psychology are called nothing else but psychologists. Emotions, motivation, perception, interactions and personality are all little things a psychologist is into. Overall, psychologists are really interested in understanding the ways of the human mind and human interaction.

One of the coolest things about psychology is a sub branch called personality psychology. Most companies employ the use of personality psychology when determining if certain people should be hired by asking them to answer a series of character determining questions. A person's emotions, behavior and thought are what make up his or her personality, and these are what this branch of psychology desires to understand.

Creating a clear picture of a person's personality through all the data gathered from tests is the key when personality psychology is to be conducted. Comparing the results with how the individual behaves with other people is also to be examined. Finally, similarities between similar subjects and the subject at hand are listed.

An example of a personality psychology theory that has made huge waves in the scientific community is called Big 5. Although, the labels may differ and is open to debate among psychologists, these are extroversion, openness, neuroticism, agreeableness and conscientiousness.

It is said that all of these five traits is present in each and every one of us, though some traits are more obvious in a person than the other traits.

If you want to have a full understanding of a person's personality, look at some explanations on the five personality traits below. Very expressive, sociable, enthusiasm are seen from people who are said to be extroverts, and people who are willing to try out new things or are always seeking the latest happenings are said to have an open personality. Friendly, generous people are more likely to have agreeableness traits while people who are ambitious are conscientious.

Not mentioned yet is neuroticism, which is characterized by negative emotions, like anger, anxiety, sadness, and the tendency for people to experience it for long periods of time. As mentioned, piecing together different aspects of a person?s behavior and emotion is the key to studying and predicting human beings. Still, further analysis and review of other psychology theories are made even when these five traits are easily visible in an individual.

Psychology is so broad that we can easily assume that it can be applied to all human beings and other species that have minds of their own. Because it seeks to answer questions about human mind and why people react and behave the way they do, it can be applied in anything human. And as long as the mystery that is humanity is once and for all revealed, psychology will continue to be at the forefronts of studying man.

All areas of human life can use psychology and in fact psychology has an effect on everything. Since it is responsible to understanding the way that humans think and behave the way they do. That is why it is present even in the office, school and athletic settings.

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