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Article Marketing Success: Luring Your Readers (Use Your Resource Box!)

     There's a lot to be said for what you can learn from television advertising, and how you can apply it to your own online marketing campaign. That's why, although I hate ads, I often sit through them, just to see what new techniques I can learn from the experts.

Recently I was watching television and a commercial came on that intrigued me. It was an ad for a new line of vitamin-enriched soft drinks, aimed at the healthy eating market and available in a variety of flavours. It was pretty typical stuff, but at the end of the commercial, a voiceover said "To see a full list of our delicious new water flavours, visit our website."

The reason this stuck out to me was the logistics: surely a more practical way of discovering what flavours were available would be to go to my local shop? After all, there's no guarantee that my local shop will carry all the available flavours.

But then it struck me - the list of flavours was their "lure", a device to reel in customers to looking at their website. And it worked; out of curiousity, I did go to their site.

So how is this relevant to your article marketing campaign?

It's a great example of providing an incentive to readers to visit your website - and that's exactly what your resource box needs!
In order to have the best possible chance that the reader will go to your website, you need to give that reader a specific reason to visit your site and tell him what to do to get there.

Here are some tips on how to create an alluring resource box.

1. Make Your Intentions Clear

Make sure your readers know exactly what they can expect if they visit your website. If readers have a clear idea of why they should visit your website, they are far more likely to visit - and less likely to be disappointed by what they find!

2. Offer More Information

Articles are meant to provide information; your readers are looking for answers to their problems, and information in your niche. So what better carrot on a stick than offering more information on the subject on your website?

Lure lines such as "for more information" or "for more articles like this one" are classic examples of resource box lures.

3. Promote A Relevant Product

Your resource box is the one part of your article where it is appropriate to promote a product or service, so offering a relevant purchase can be a great lure. Information services, such as advice and help, can really benefit from this kind of lure. How could you use this kind of lure to benefit your business? What product would be relevant to your article?

So there you have it: the information you put in your resource box and the way that you phrase that information is crucial to your article marketing success. It is worth your time to develop a resource box lure, if you don't already have one. Really, spending a limited amount of time now to come up with a good one can pay off for years to come.

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