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Analyzing Dragon Dreams

     I had a dream . . . it was about a dragon. It wasn’t frightening, but it wasn’t pleasant. The beast certainly wasn’t Puff, the Magic Dragon. But what did it all indicate?

The dragon has always been a token of strength, however depending on which culture it came from, the power was either good or dreadful. Dragons from Eastern cultures have traditionally been the embodiment of truth and virtue, prosperity, and spiritual or personal quest. Western culture, conversely, has depicted dragons as bringers of hard times and destruction, guardians of treasure, and signs of greed. So does this mean if you are from Eastern culture, you dream of good dragons and if you are from Western tradition, ruthless ones?

What does the Bible declare about dragons? In at least one Book (Revelations), the devil transitions into the shape of a dragon. Do these fire-breathers symbolize the devil himself?

Not necessarily, but in most dream analysis traditions, the dragon is a representation of a conflict, one which you must handle. This category of dream is an anxiety dream, kind of like those you used to have where you dreamt of walking into the cafeteria and the whole school stopping to laugh at you. Maybe you even see yourself being chased by a dragon in your underwear if something is really weighing on your heart.

It is alleged that if the dragon in your dreams has wings, it is signifying transcendence and insight. I've read that riding a dragon in your dreams is prophesy for some type of spiritual transformation.

Is the dragon in your dream watching over an entrance to a cave? Various sources decipher that the cave is your subconscious and inside that cave is treasure, which in turn is your true self. And consequently if you fight your dream dragon, what you are really fighting is your own fear of discovering your inner self.Dream analysis also interprets these mystical creatures as representations of power and passion. Some people believe that these creatures are signs of your sexual and emotional domains. However, it is also cautioned that these dreams are there to warn you to make use of self control, which when not utilized, can lead to all types of harm.

Still a further explanation comes from Freud and Jung, who, as you may have figured out, attribute dragon dreams to a person’s “devouring” aspects of his or her mother or if you are male, your inability out of fear or misunderstanding to incorporate your feminine part into your personality.

So the next time you wake up surprised from a dream about a dragon, don’t turn on all the lights and go into hiding under the blankets. Instead, take a keen look at the things that are occurring in your life—the issues and anxieties. Now and again we much rather cope with the vicious beasts than the genuine conflicts in our minds. That said, just remember that your dream is bringing you a message and that is that you can do it—you can face and destroy your dragon.

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