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An Overview about Various Forms of Visual Arts and Its Importance

     Visual Arts are one of the most ancient forms of art. Visual arts are most creative forms of work which are primarily visual in nature. Few forms of visual are ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and design, crafts. However, the modern visual arts have come up with photography, video and filmmaking. Apart from all these, it includes architecture as well. Hence, when we look at all these we are able to understand that there are various categories in visual arts. In other words, we can also say that visual arts can be created from anything that we can see around us. All these from are brought about from the things that we see around or lie around us. Hence the basic concept that lies in a visual art is the beauty or the artistic creation spread around. If we look into the history, some of the studies state that the word ĎArtsí has an interesting history behind it. Arts were considered very scholarly and did not involve much of creativity from what we found around us. Some of the forms of arts were grammar, rhetoric, dialectic logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music.

All these forms of arts stated above were believed to be find arts. It is said that science was also included in arts. As years passed by people started to distinguish science from fine arts. Fine arts considered any kind of creativity that was meant to please our senses. These forms included music, dance, opera and literature. Apart from these another classification also included painting, sculpture, architecture and decorative arts as well. With the dawn of the twentieth century, there were add-ons to the list which included visual arts as well. From these more forms of arts evolved independent, out of which visual arts was one among them and also included others like Auditory Arts and Performance arts. Many of us might what performance arts are. Performance arts can be either visual, auditory or a combination of both the forms of arts. However, all these forms of arts get a bit more confusing at times. There are enough explanations to illustrate. Few for arts like painting and sculpture are considered as fine arts. However, according to the classifications these are actually considered as decorative arts and not fine arts. Likewise, there are numerous forms of arts which are at times difficult to be categorized.

However, with the advancement f technology there are many kinds of visual arts. Most of it is developed by means of the technological developments. Today, if we have a television and internet at home those are powered by Time Warner Bundles and others, we will be able to identify various forms of visuals arts. Some of the types of visual arts include Creative Studios, Digital Signage, Media Sales and Interactive Mobile. While all forms of visual arts are creative driven, creative studios are also creative driven and have a genuine background in design and visual effects. These handle any kind of project from commercials and big live action shoots. These are branded and include motion graphics for any kind of market. The digital signage is mostly done by experts. They have a strategy and concept skill. These are used to expand or grow businesses. Media Sales is considered the largest form of visual art. These are considered expansive and nationwide and considered famous in Sweden. Another kind of visual art is the interactive mobile which offers design, creative direction. These include games, web, Mobile and installation. All these forms of are has contributed to the advancement of the technology. Today, there are courses that we can take up to learn different forms about this subject.

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