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Advantages of Solar Energy in Arizona and the Environment

     Arizona is the 48th state in the United States of America. It is known for its mild winters and extremely hot summers. The state of Arizona also has mountain ranges and pine forests in the northern part, although Arizona is known for its desert climate.

There are many theories as to where the name "Arizona" originated. The most popular theory is that Arizona came from the Spanish name "Arizonac", which means small spring. Other probable origins are from the Spanish phrases "arida zona", which means arid zone or the Basque phrase "aritz zona", which means "the good oak".

Since Arizona has 300 days of sunshine in a year, the state took advantage of this, and is now using solar power as an alternative energy of use for homes and businesses.

Solar energy, power or heat coming from the sun has been harvested by people since the earlier times. Other than being one of the several ways of helping the society solve energy crisis and issues such as global warming, there are also other advantages of solar energy in Arizona. Currently ranking as the fourth highest installed solar PV capacity among other US states, Arizona made substantial contributions by installing 54 mega watts of solar power in 2010. By installing solar PV, the government provides incentives such as state rebates and federal tax credits. Because of this, more and more household and businesses are keen in installing solar panels.

The advantages of solar energy in Arizona do not end there. Because of the efficiency of solar panels in providing energy, businesses are also installing these systems to decrease energy costs in a long term basis. Because companies are capable of installing large-scale solar PV systems as compared to households, this would mean shorter span of payback periods, thus providing cost efficiency.

The mentioned advantages of solar energy in Arizona are not solely for individuals with solar PV, but for the state of Arizona as a whole. Why is this? It is because, when more households and businesses are using solar PVs, there would be lesser demand in using or having to build huge power plants that make use of natural gas, which is more expensive. Some more advantages of solar energy in Arizona are the increasing demand of solar PV installed, thus increasing the solar PV market. If almost or all of the residents and businesses in Arizona have solar PVs, this would mean that the state of Arizona can be more cost and energy efficient, thus stabilizing and making its economy more stronger in the coming years.

Witnessing the disasters brought about by climate change or global warming, it is time to make a move and go green like Arizona. The sun's energy is for free, and the only thing to do here is to harvest it. People can really give Mother Earth a breather if alternative energy such as solar energy will be used, not just in Arizona, but hopefully the rest of the world.

Are you looking for more information regarding advantages of solar energy in Arizona? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding advantages of solar energy in Arizona? Visit today!

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Are you looking for more information regarding advantages of solar energy in Arizona? Visit today!

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