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Accessorizing a Scarf

     A simple scarf can add color and life to any outfit. When scarves were first-team to fashion accessory many people simply were then tied around the neck. However, today's fashionistas are taking it a step further by accessorizing their own accessory. There are many different ways in which you can accessorize a scarf to suit a different look.

Add a Corsage

A floral accent from a corsage as the perfect touch of femininity to any scarf. Consider choosing a silk scarf or a lightweight knit scarf with tassels for this look. You'll want to start first by folding your long scarf and half. Next you will place it around the neck and put the two and through the loop you have created by folding the scarf and hat. Pull it up tight to the neck or loosen it a little bit to create the look that you would like with your outfit. Next he will want to add some flowers to one side of the looped area.

You do not necessarily need a real corsage from a florist to do this. Instead you can choose to utilize several fake flowers with the stand Scott and wrapped in floral tape. Simply attach a safety pin to the back and use a safety pin to place the flower arrangement on your scarf. This particular accessory option allows for a lot of versatility depending on the type of occasion or event which you are dressing up.

Add a Long Chain

Eyeglass chains can take on a second life by attaching them to a scarf. This particular style is best done using a long silk scarf. Fold the scarf in half widthwise, then again lengthwise. Tie the loose ends in a knot and clip decorative eyeglass chains to the loop and knot. You can also utilize an old necklace for this style and simply use a well hidden safety pin at one end.

Add Another Scarf

If you have several scarves of one color then you can choose to combine two scarves together and wrap them around the neck or waist to create a more colorful look. This is best done with silk scarves or lightweight knit scarves so that there is not too much bulk. You can also create a makeshift scarf by using old fabric scraps.

Add a Belt

Scarves offer a lot of versatility when you are wearing them. One of the many benefits is that you can wear a scarf as a shirt if it is thick enough and if you are crafty enough. This idea starts with placing the scarf appropriately on your body and then holding it in place. The best way to hold a scarf in place is with the use of a belt. Belts come in many styles, colors and decorations which gives this look a lot of versatility. In fact you can where a simple black belt with a scarf over top of a shirt for work or you can wear your scarf as a shirt with an animal print belt for an after party. The possibilities are endless.

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