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Accessories And Equipment For Bars That Are Essential Yet Overlooked

     If you hope to have success in your joint or bar, you have to keep an eye on the stocks of your bar. The inventory should include the food, the accessories, the equipment, and the cleaning supplies.

A clean and presentable bar will not work without having the right bar equipment and accessories. Aside from making things easier for the bar staff, they will also be able to provide all the needs of the customers. Hiring a lot of people would not be necessary as well. It is behind the serving bar counter that these equipment and accessories are used. However, they are often overlooked. They are only realized to be greatly important if they are no longer used.

All drinks are served to customers through the bar. That means the persons behind the bar will open a good number of bottles before the close of business. Here, bottle openers will be of great importance. The drinks will be served to the customers even faster. There are special bottle openers that could now be installed on the counter top. Of course, you can have the hand held types be placed on the cabinets, within an arm's reach. You can also give several waiters openers to serve those at the tables. For opening certain wine bottles, you may find that the only ones you can use are cork or screw extractors. To serve the drinks effectively and minimize spillages you will have to get bottle pourers.

Pouring drinks straight from the bottle is also something that is often done. But there are also people who prefer drinks that are unique mixes. This could be accomplished easier with the aid of a blender and some shakers right on the counter. You can use the blender to make a fruit drink and break a few ice cubes in it. A shaker would be most useful when mixing two or more unique drinks together. There are different sizes to these shakers and you should get as much as you can. Naturally, customers would place their drinks orders in specific quantities or amounts. Your bar should have drink measures for this. It is a credit to your bar if you make sure you serve the correct amounts of these drinks, which is why you should also have spirit and wine measures.

You will also have to zero in on the service. Priority must be given to the manner with which the drinks are served. Therefore, you should also pay attention on what they will be drinking on. Pay attention to the type and quality of the drinking glasses. They should also be accessorized appropriately, either with a straw and an umbrella, and have a stirrer as well. Trays are also important. Waiters will find them really handy when serving the tables or cleaning them up. If you place ice buckets on the tables or on the counter itself, you will find your customers grateful that they are enjoying cool drinks.

You should also keep in mind that knives are important. There are some drinks that would work best with lemon slices and other garnishes. Slicing and dicing these lemons and garnishes would require the use of a sharp knife. In order to clearly identify that bar equipment and accessories you need to stock up on, you should understand that workings and dynamics of running a bar.

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