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A Unique Family Ink Affair

     Having a tattoo is an art of self-expression that represents something significant such as a memorable event, a special someone, a thing that is of priceless value or a symbol representing something profound. Unlike in previous decades, sporting a tattoo seemed to reflect raucous nature or low-class. Nowadays, having one is an accepted trend that presents itself as a creative choice for groups of people sharing a common link. Most likely, this may be a great idea of belongingness for a family seeking a fine print of artistic nature expressing a bond.

Family tattoo designs are one that is rather innovative. The thought of a certain theme that will encapsulate the bond among family members is unique in a sense that it is not just of individual nature that the existence of the art is based upon but through a connection with other family members. First, the design should be one that is well-thought of since this is an art of permanent nature; it must be a design that the wearer or the members of the family are likely to associate or liken themselves to. Naturally, they will have to opt for a design that they share in common like an animal or a mythical figure or a simple image which meaning goes deeper than what it may just seem to be. A Family Tattoo Designs example can be family members donning different water creatures to celebrate their common bond with water nature such as a dolphin, a shark, an octopus or anything else commonly associated with great bodies of water. Another Family Tattoo design could be elements of nature such as fire, water, earth and wind. Such can seem to be simple in nature but profound in expression. Second, the positioning of the design would have to be only on a body part that is not too conspicuous. Young adolescent members of the family will have yet to negotiate with the job-hunting phase; so, having a tattoo on a visible part of the body such as the wrist, forearms, neck, nape or elsewhere obvious might slim the chances of landing a good employment opportunity as some companies may frown on the conspicuous art deeming it somehow more of a despoilment to the body than of self-expression. Teen members of the family would have to consider having the art set on a body part that is not vulnerable to stretching since their bodies have still yet to develop as some skin parts would stretch thus, disfiguring the art in the long run. An example of this body parts would be the upper arms for males (due to muscle enlargement) and the belly skin for the females (due to pregnancy in the future. The body part that the design would most likely be on would be one that would still require a little more fold of clothing to show.

Family Tattoo Designs are always innovative since such bears an identification literally worn and a design rather identifying one's brotherhood or family personality captured in ink. In the end, tattoo designs are more of celebrating life and the relationship that bonds them together, albeit in ink.

Are you looking for more information regarding Family Tattoo Designs ? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding Family Tattoo Designs ? Visit today!

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Are you looking for more information regarding Family Tattoo Designs ? Visit today!

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