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A Solitary Soul

     Vincent Van Gogh nowadays is a symbol of the masterpiece, and a representative of priceless works; yet, no one can ever imagine, quite ironically, this name back at his time stood for oblivion, if not absolute failure, detested by painters, friends and even women.

Vincent's oil paintings are famous for the gross beauty and cool color they display. He once said: "I do not require accurate lines or structures for my paintings; what I want is to truly express myself without hiding, and to express my feelings for what I have seen."Such a passionate emotion, nonetheless, seemed to become the monster that repelled women. During his 37 years on the earth, three women, including his first love Eugenia, his cousin Kate and his fiance Christina, holding invisible knife of apathy, stabbed violently into his heart one after another, which many believed was the source of his spiritual sickness.

Paul Gauguin, another Post-Impressionist artist from France, used to be Van Gogh's best friend as well as companion in painting. It is easy to notice there are many similarities between these two artists' works, such as bold color, rough lines and strong visual feelings. So, it is not hard to imagine how close they used to be. Yet, we can never judge who inspired who first; nor can we, as outsiders, know what happened to these two comrades that led to their complete breaking-up and Van Gogh cutting his ears later on. How desperate Van Gogh must be when the knife was approaching to his ears? We never know.

Without love and friendship, the only consolation that Vincent Van Gogh could appreciate was his art and the brush holding in his hand. Continuously creation of artwork brought him power to survive in this crucial world. Reasonably enough, he poured out his stream of emotion on canvas to paint what he saw and what he felt; he dreamt of having his own exhibition in a gallery one day to share what he thought with people; he only sold one painting when he was alive; he killed himself with a gun which couldn't be found although in one afternoon then. The long-term spiritual torment made him live a painful life so maybe the end of his short life of 37 years was not bad. It seemed that God had never been so ruthless to anyone like he was to Van Gogh.

Theodorus Van Gogh, Vincent's little brother, was the only warm solace in this dead cold world for him. When Vincent's lover betrayed him and when his friend left him, he still had the letter and money his little brother sent for him, even though Theodorus was not standing beside him. He could always feel Theodorus' presence. After Vincent committed suicide, people found a letter in his pocket, pronouncing his last voice: "My dearest Theodorus, I am so glad to know that you and your family are in happiness."

This solitary soul ended his journey on earth after 37 years of torment, leaving his monuments behind.

Joe is an oil painting designer who is working in Collieart studios.

Joe is an oil painting designer of

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Joe is an oil painting designer who is working in Collieart studios.

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