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A Cross Cultural Discussion of the Presence of Funny Pictures in Human Cultures

     All kinds of people like funny pictures. There is almost no one who does not get a good laugh. The Internet is full of humorous images placed there by amateurs and professionals alike. There are many uses for them and they can make the most boring office brochures and reports into truly memorable publications.

There are photos, drawings, and images on every topic conceivable. Food, animals, people, buildings, books, places, toys, clothing, incidents, cars, cartoons, game characters and more are well represented on the world wide web, but you can also find plenty of books of comical art in your local library.

What makes an image hilarious or not may depend on the audience. One person may find it so, and another think its boring. It's best to get many examples and collaborate on choosing the images if you are working with people in your office. Some photos and drawings can also be offensive and yet draw a laugh. It is best to let these images be discussed before simply slugging them in and sending off the pamphlet for distribution.

There is nothing more ancient than a comic. Even cave dwellers made each other laugh with images that poked fun at their hunting skills. It is safe to say that interest in humor is universal. Newspapers carry the funnies. Cartoonists make money creating wild and joking images. Political cartoons lampooning presidents, corporations, or thinkers have been a mainstay of our media diet for decades.

Popular magazines abound with images of celebrity. There is a vulgar market for laughing at stars with fat folds, cellulite, bad breast implant jobs, nose jobs, ugly partners, yelling at their children, bad hair days, and so forth. Bad fashion is a favorite of gossip columnists who make a living making fun of the gowns worn by the rich and famous, worst dressed people and so forth.

Celebrities, because they are already in the news, are vulnerable to having photos and images taken which will make their unknown audiences and fan base crack up. Politicians, too, are prey to the paparazzi. How the President was going to be photographed to preserve his image as a statesman and prevent unwanted negative stereotyping was a critical issue when he was elected.

Meanwhile, children are often making and being asked to look at humorous pictures. Many children's' book illustrators make a living coming up with comical characters that will entice children into laughter and give them pleasure. Animal pictures for children are often humorous. Then there is the television shows which focus upon hilarious home videos usually of weddings disrupted by falling brides, men flipping off of bicycles, dogs acting like humans, or babies doing something really sloppy or looking adult.

The bottom line is the human species enjoys poking fun at itself and making funny pictures of each other. We enjoy a good laugh at the expense of people who have more money, more fame and more good looks than the average citizen. These are some of the ways that humans create their culture.

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