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A Closer Look at the Sole F63 Treadmill

     If you are looking for exercise equipment, the Sole F63 treadmill has a lot to offer serious walkers or runners. You will receive a lot of features on this model. Here are some reasons to check into this machine when you shop.

This machine comes with 6 training programs that are preset. Some are designed for cardio endurance while others are specially made for burning fat. You have the chance to customize two of your best routines, plus two programs for your heart. As an important safety feature the "off" switch is large and easy to access.

If you decide to buy the F63 you receive a machine with a running hood that is low in profile. This allows for a more spacious running area with maximum ventilation to the user. You also enjoy the convenience of cooling fans and a special area beneath the control panel, where you can place a water bottle.

This machine has speakers and a connection to hook up your MP3 player. This allows users to listen to their favorite audio as they run. You also receive a large LCD display that is easy to reach and read. It lets monitor heart rate, speed, and calories burned.

The frame on this treadmill is precision welded and very strong. It can handle runners of all weight classes, and tall and short runner should be able to run with few difficulties. This allows for an entire family to use the same machine, when needed.

The Sole machine is made on a heavy duty chassis. The flywheels are designed to last as they are solid steel and zinc coated, in addition to being perfectly balanced. The strength and balance of the F63 drive system provides the operator with a smooth surface for walking or running, and there are minimal vibrations to be concerned about. This allows maximum comfort and fewer distractions as one exercises.

Some treadmills collect static electricity and one may receive annoying shocks from time to time. The Sole treadmill has large rollers that are a sealed bearing design. The rollers are grounded properly with copper conductors. Large rollers provide more belt contact and this means longer belt life and smoother operation.

The belts are extremely durable with two plies of construction within four layers. They are made of strong rubber, nylon and PVC. PVC prevents your belt from stretching out too much and nylon helps to keep static build up to a minimum.

Many users appreciate the special on board message board that comes with this model. As you workout you can see scrolling text that guides you through your routine. You can keep track of your workout via the message board. When you need to set up your user profile, the message board will show you, step by step.

Setting up this machine is easy, as it has a folding deck with a safety mechanism that locks it in place after folded out. The Easy Assist design literally unfolds itself in front of your eyes. These are only a few reasons to consider the Sole F63 treadmill.

Find a review of the benefits of using a treadmill and a summary of the features of the Sole F63 treadmill at now.

Find a review of the benefits of using a treadmill and a summary of the features of the Sole F63 treadmill at now.

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Find a review of the benefits of using a treadmill and a summary of the features of the Sole F63 treadmill at now.

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