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9 Basic Principles Featured in an Aseptic Techniques Course

     An aseptic techniques course is a crucial training program for any health care professionals, especially one who works in, or around an operating room. Infections acquired within surgical environments are correlated with a higher of illnesses, deaths, longer hospital stays, and higher costs for both patient and the medical system. Because of this, the importance that all members of a surgical team undergo an efficient aseptic techniques course is more than evident. Read on for nine basic principles presented by this type of training programs.

1. Prior to entering the operating room, all team members who will be entering the surgical field, are required to scrub their hands, preferably for two to five minutes, rigorously, using warm water and an antiseptic solution. This procedure is known as a surgical scrub. However, bare hands are still considered potentially infectious, and have to be covered with gloves.

2. Surgical team members are required to put on their protective equipment, which consists of face masks, goggles, gowns, and gloves. Any jewelry has to be removed and facial hair must be covered. With this in mind, only the front of the surgeon and other scrubbed team members, from the waist up to the chest, and from the hands to the elbow, is considered to be sterile.

3. Team members who have a cold should avoid, at all cost, working until after their infection has passed. If this is not possible, they are required to wear double masks.

4. Only equipment and supplies which come in sterile packages, or have been disinfected in advance, can be used within the sterile field. This equipment can only be handled by team members that have undergone the surgical scrub.

5. Any packaged piece of equipment or supply has to be opened in such a way that the content of the package does not come in contact with a non sterile area or item. Un-scrubbed team members can perform this activity. They will other hand it to the scrubbed team members or place it carefully on the surgical field.

6. Sterile team members should avoid leaning over areas which are not sterile. Similarly, unsterile team members have to avoid coming into contact with the sterile field.

7. The operating table is considered to be sterile only at table level and above it. The arms of the scrubbed personnel have to remain within the field at all times; they are not allowed to reach below the level of the table or turn away from it.

8. The edges of the sterile field (approximately one inch) are considered to be unsterile. A certain margin of safety has to be maintained between sterile and non-sterile areas at all times during the surgical intervention.

9. If, at any moment, there is doubt whether a certain item is sterile or not, it should be discarded immediately and a new one should be used instead.

These are the most important principles focused on and expanded on in any aseptic techniques course. Any medical professional who is part of a surgical team should keep these principles in mind and act accordingly, so as to prevent any surgical infections.

For more information, please visit our Aseptic Techniques Course website.

For more information, please visit our Aseptic Techniques Course website

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For more information, please visit our Aseptic Techniques Course website.

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