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5 Different Problems Of Troubled Teens That Parents Need To Understand

     There are many issues facing troubled teenagers. Some of them are incapacity to weigh risks, addiction to substance, depression, low self-image, and problems on how to spend their time.
Going from a teenager to an adult can be a difficult transition. All boys and girls in their teens will one day be confronted with issues that are complicated and hard to deal with. Given that such awkward times are nearly impossible to avoid, you can certainly support your kids by learning about the issues they face, then by keeping the lines of communication open.
He or she cannot evaluate risks appropriately
The daredevil approach is not just restricted to troubled youth,but is also rather common within youth and preteens. Breaking rules, trying illegal drugs, drinking, and experimenting with sex are just a few of the risks that young people might be tempted to take. Teenagers sometimes feel risk-taking allows them to show who they are, and this can result in careless decisions without being aware of, or giving thought to the risks involved. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children and need to instill in their children the knowledge that there are serious consequences to their actions.
Becoming addicted to some substances
An example of an adolescent's inability to cope with stress could be his or her addiction to illicit substances, such as drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. It is very important that parents listen to their children when they are talking about the day to day pressures they may be experiencing. Knowing the different signs and symptoms of adolescence drug misuse and craving should make parents furthermore prepared by themselves. This way, parents can deal with the problem in its early stage.
Emotional disorders do not care about age, young or old you can be affected. Anyone who suffers from depression loses a sense of vitality, security, and comfort, and adolescents are not exempt. He or she might become reclusive, experience sleep problems or have a dramatic change in their eating habits. It is important for parents to be aware of the signs of depression and be able to easily identify and address these issues before it goes to far. Another option is to seek out a professional evaluation of your child.
Low self-esteem
Teenagers normally become very specific about their appearance in this stage of life. Feeling like they are part of the crowd and be accepted by their peers accompanies their obsession with their appearance. Unhappiness with their appearance and social status can be real problems for teenagers. Low self-esteem and low self-image are caused to them as a result of it. A healthy self-image is something that parents must foster for their children by providing a good example and a healthy living environment for them to thrive. Children will develop self confidence no matter what others say in this way.
Difficulty in finding things to do in their spare time
If kids have a lot of free time and are unsupervised they can end up in troublesome and dangerous situations. It should the job of the parents to show their kids what to do with the extra time they have and how to use their spare time wisely first. Those parents who are not aware of what to expect from their children to perform in their spare time, if they support their children in the inculcation of a healthy and constructive hobby, then it could turn out to be a good start for the parents too.
As long as the parents work hand in hand with them, a teenager can progress through their growing phase without regrets and without making serious mistakes.

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