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4 Ways To Know You Were Born To Be A Niche Recruiter

     Recruiting in niche markets can offer a whole range of challenges and opportunities that you don't get in more general recruitment roles. Niche recruiting puts you in the interesting and unique position of being an extension of the industry you recruit for, letting you be part of that world as well as the recruitment world. Here are four ways to know that you are built to be a niche recruiter:

1.You Love Recruiting, But You Feel Connected to Another Industry

You really enjoy the daily work of a recruiter, especially solving problems and dealing with lots of different people. You can't really see yourself ever wanting to do anything else. However, you are consciously or subconsciously drawn to another industry. Whether it is medicine, technology, law, engineering, hospitality or just about anything else, you read about it, talk about it, and know all about how it works. This is a big sign you should focus your recruitment career on that niche, and combine your interests!

2. You Know All About Your Sector, But Want To Do Something Different

The opposite side of the coin is the scenario where you have been working in an industry for a long time and you are incredibly knowledgeable about it, but you want to do a different job. You perhaps want a job where you get to engage with more people, or where you have the opportunity to use selling skills and earn commission, but you don't want to feel that the time you spent in your current industry has been wasted.

This could be a sign that you could successfully make the move into niche recruitment for your old industry, because you have such a strong understanding of the kind of jobs and people there as well as a good network behind you.

3. You Find It Easy To Empathise With Other People's Work Challenges

When you talk to friends, clients, or even strangers about their jobs, you find it really easy to put yourself in their place and understand the challenges facing them in their roles and industries.

A niche recruiter has to be able to know the business they recruit for inside out, and really identify with the type of people who would be able to meet the needs that business has. If you naturally empathise with other people when they talk about work that you have never actually done yourself, you'll be able to think like a part of the niche industry you recruit in.

4.You Are Most Comfortable When You Know All The Details

Some people are good at ad libbing, or thinking at the high level where specifics and details aren't important. If this isn't you, and you feel most confident and comfortable when you know everything about what you are dealing with, then niche recruiting will suit you better than a broader recruitment role.

Niche recruiters get to know the kind of roles they recruit for at a close level, and can talk to candidates and clients in detail about specific qualifications, skills and responsibilities relating to those roles with almost as much understanding as the candidates themselves will be expected to have.

If you have characteristics or traits like these and are thinking about a move into niche recruitment, whether from general recruitment or from a niche industry, then the best thing to do is talk to a good recruitment to recruitment agency who will be able to guide you down the road to your ideal job.

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Cheryl Wing is the Director of GSR2R an award winning Recruitment to Recruitment agency based in Soho London. GSR2R have placed hundreds of candidates in the last 12 years. If you want the help of a respected recruitmnet agency to help you land a great recruiter role visit their website at

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