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3 Ways Rec2Rec Agencies Can Help You Find The Best Recruiters

     A good rec2rec (or "recruitment to recruitment") company can be your strongest ally when you are trying to find and hire the best people for your recruitment team.

Finding new staff and screening applicants can be a hugely time consuming process that you probably don't have the resources to do well in house while still keeping your business running smoothly, so using a rec2rec agency can take off a lot of the pressure. Rec2rec specialists also have great networks and can help you attract fantastic talent you may not otherwise be able to reach.

Here are three ways a professional rec2rec agency can help you to find the best recruiters for your company:

Advertising Your Vacancy Effectively

Rec2rec agencies are very good at advertising roles and getting those adverts seen by the right people. If you provide the job spec or other details, they can refine this into a compelling job ad that they will then be able to place on the sites and publications the best recruiters use. They have all the knowledge and experience to publicise vacancies in all manner of recruitment niches, and to get the best response from the type of candidates you want to know about your job.

In addition to advertising your job publicly, they can also send the ad out to their wider network using things like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Rec2rec businesses generally establish a large following from recruiters, even those who aren't currently seeking new jobs, and can therefore get your job in front of a lot of professionals.

Approaching Talented People

As well as advertising to the right audience, a rec2rec business will also contact strong candidates they find themselves or already represent and directly approach them about your vacancy. In some cases, strong candidates can be found this way before the role is even advertised.

This can also mean that your vacancy will be taken to people who are not actively seeking work, but who might see this job as an opportunity worth applying for. These can include highly talented and desirable individuals who wouldn't otherwise find out that you were hiring, because they aren't checking job boards or searching for vacancies.

Screening Candidates to Find the Ideal Match

There is a lot more to starting an effective and lasting working relationship than simply matching the skill set you need to the skill set a candidate has. Your company has its own philosophy and working culture, and it is important that the people you bring into the business are a good fit as well as having all the experience you need.

A rec2rec agency will take the time to understand you, your company and the specific role you are hiring for, and will be able to effectively screen the applicants they receive and find to establish who presents a good match.

They put a huge amount of time and effort into reading applications and interviewing potential candidates over the phone or in their offices to put together a good shortlist. This means that the only people you will have to interview or read about will be the ones that have already been identified as strong for your role.

Because recruitment to recruitment agencies can offer you all of these benefits, working with them saves you time and money as well as vastly increasing your chances of finding the best people for your job. Starting a relationship with a good rec2rec firm can make all of your future recruitment efforts run much more smoothly.

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Cheryl Wing is the MD of Gsr2r one of Londons leading recruitment to recruitment companies. Cheryl is known for having the phonenumber of the all the best recruiters in London.To find out more about how Cheryl and her team can help you visit

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