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3 Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions For A Beautified Smile

     Tooth discoloration can be caused by various factors, such as tea, soda, coffee, red wine and tobacco products. And like other dental flaws, a dull, stained smile can leave you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed.

Fortunately, achieving a whiter, brighter smile and an improved self-esteem is easier than ever with advancements in cosmetic dentistry and new dental technology. With whitening techniques ranging from basic at-home care to advanced in-office procedures, your Encino dentist can work with you to attain the sparkling smile you've always wanted.

At-Home Bleaching Kits and Improved Dental Hygiene

First things first if are looking to whiten your smile and eliminate pesky stains. Limit your intake of foods, beverages and habits that contribute to stained teeth. These include coffee, tea, soda, red wine, juices and smoking, all of which have been found to increase stain levels on the surface of teeth. Also, step up your routine dental care, paying extra attention to your brushing and flossing as well as maintaining regular visits to your dentist.

In addition to improving your oral hygiene, you can also ask your dentist in Encino about tooth whitening products which allow you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. This process involves applying a gel-like whitening solution into trays, and wearing the trays on your teeth for the recommended amount of time. An at-home bleaching system from your dentist can deliver you stunning results in just two weeks, and when combined with a professional whitening treatment from your dentist, a whiter smile for years and years.

Teeth Bleaching

For severe staining and quicker results, talk to your dentist in Encino about a powerful in-office power bleaching system. This safe and fast-acting treatment contains peroxide, the active ingredient that can change your dull tooth color anywhere from five to twelve shades whiter.

The effects of power bleaching are immediate, but depending on the severity of your stains, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment over additional appointments in order to achieve the preferred level of whitening. When combined with an at-home whitening kit and superior oral hygiene, you can help sustain the longevity of your whitened smile for years.

Professional Tooth Whitening with Lumineers

For a more permanent whitening solution, ask your cosmetic dentist about LUMINEERS, pain free, porcelain veneers that allow patients to achieve a long-lasting, perfectly aligned smile in just 2-3 visits. Unlike traditional veneers, ultra-thin LUMINEERS are placed over existing teeth without having to remove painful tooth structure and enamel-and this means no shots and drilling. Plus, the process is completely reversible since the natural tooth structure remains intact.

LUMINEERS can provide you with more than just a whiter smile, however. In fact, this popular and highly effective cosmetic dental solution can repair chipped, gapped, crooked and misshaped teeth, and in some cases, even be a viable alternative to orthodontic braces. Your LUMINEER Certified dentist in Encino can work with you to determine if LUMINEERS are a suitable option for whitening and enhancing your smile.

Most patients with dull teeth and discolored smiles can benefit from a tooth whitening treatment. With advanced dental procedures continuing to emerge, tooth whitening from your regular dentist has proven to be a safe and effective way to enhance stained teeth and improve discolored smiles. Always consult with your dentist before attempting a tooth whitening solution. A quick examination from a dental professional can help you determine the most effective tooth whitening method for your teeth.

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Dr. Matt Zarinnia is a highly-regarded cosmetic dentist in Encino California specializing in cosmetic dental procedures such as implants, Lumineers, tooth whitening and orthodontics. Dr. Zarinnia also sees patients in the Encino area including Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Reseda and Calabasas. This leading Encino dentist is qualified to handle any dental need in a convenient and comfortable setting.

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