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2012 Schedule of Disasters Has Begun

     Last week Great Sun, author of the Viking book "Super Life Secret Codes," revealed to the press that earlier that year and as far back as 2005, he and his colleague Friend G. have been talking about a "schedule of disasters" that would begin with the country Japan and will culminate in a series of world calamities in 2012 and 2013, that will wipe out 9 out of 10 people living on the planet. Friend G. made his predictions at a private gathering in 2005 and Great Sun talked about the impending disaster awaiting Japan in a letter to a follower earlier this year. At that time, he voiced the expectation that the crisis would begin in May or June and he now indicates that it has started earlier.

The "schedule of disasters," in the form of a world map, was originally created by Friend G. in 2005, but was released to a private gathering and the contents are being kept confidential. Great Sun did intimate that one or more of the serious killer earthquakes which struck the planet in the last several years could have been included in the map and that disasters to strike Japan were talked about and that more disasters worse than the recent earthquake might strike Japan, depending on how people respond to the recent earthquake and tsunami.

The schedule of disasters to follow the earthquake in Japan has not been released. Great Sun pointed out that it was not appropriate to release that kind of information. What is important, he said, is that people respond properly to the events that have occurred and understand what the "Universe" is trying to show them. He emphasized that If people learn the lessons the Universe is trying to teach them then future disasters might be averted. In that sense, the "schedule of disasters leading up to and including 2012 is not about showing off accurate psychic predictions, it is rather about alerting humanity to the seriousness of the times we are living in and encouraging people to try their utmost to respond appropriately and thereby avert what is otherwise scheduled to occur.

While each of the prior disasters occurred as Friend G. predicted, Great Sun hinted at the fact that the time table may have been changed. Some of the disasters may have occurred earlier, and some later. Also Friend G. said that 9 out of 10 people living on the planet will die by the end of 2013 and so far only a fraction of that number have perished in wars or natural disasters. However, the majority of 2012 predictions suggest that the most serious calamities will occur close to the end of 2012.

The Mayor of Tokyo has voiced his own opinion that the recent Tsunami was a punishment incurred because people had become excessively greedy in Japan. Great Sun noted in his own book that countries need to stop fighting with each other, religious leaders need to allow people to connect directly with the Universe themselves, that industries must seriously undertake not to pollute the environment and that people need to develop a sense of gratitude for what the Universe has given them. These and other suggestions are presented in his book, which is a manual for survival in 2012 and a guide for living in the era to come.

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