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2012 Prophecy: Clearing Up The Disinformation

     Whether or not you believe in the Aztec 2012 Prophecy, it's worth disseminating exactly what this theory is rooted in, it's worth looking at the facts and making one's own decision from there. First of all, don't believe anybody until you've done some research yourself. But anyways, here are the basics of where this idea came from.

Where Does It All Start?

The concept of the 2012 Prophecy actually comes from the fact that the Mayan calendar ends on 2012. Beyond that, there's absolutely nothing specific in any Aztec or Mayan texts. There really isn't. There's been a whole lot of post-mortem analysis, a lot of people suggesting that the REASON that the Mayan calendar ends there is because that's when the apocalypse was to take place, but unless we ever find some Mayan texts that reference that, that explain why the calendar ends there, then there's no way of telling exactly why it ends there.

What Keeps it Going?

It's an interesting theory. The Mayans had incredibly advanced science for their time, and if they actually thought that something was going to happen on 2012, then it does warrant some interest and discussion, because it may well be rooted in some fairly accurate science of the Mayan people. It's a self-perpetuating meme, so to speak. The idea is a fascinating one, as well as a somewhat frightening one, and this leads to things like the Roland Emmerich film based on the theory, it leads people from both sides of the theory to do research and to publish their own works on the theory. It's just interesting.

Is it True?

There's really no way to prove or disprove the 2012 theory. Like cryptozoology, the whole prophecy is like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster or UFOs. You can't prove it until there's some more solid evidence, and you can't disprove it because you can't prove a negative. The only way we'll know for sure what happens in that year is to wait until that year rolls around and, well, see what happens. The downside is that, if the prophecy is right, there will be nobody to say "I told you so".

How Does The Scientific Community React To This?

The whole prophecy is considered a sort of a fringe subject, and as such, very little attention is paid to the theory in the mainstream scientific community. However, a lot of scientists on the edge of mainstream academia have put some interesting work and research into the subject. As of yet, results have proven inconclusive, because, well, there's no way of knowing for sure until the year comes around. Until then, the debate is almost meaningless simply because it's a theory that can be neither proven nor disproven. Still, many people will be waiting eagerly, or with a sense of dread and anticipation, for the year to roll around so that we can settle the whole argument once and for all and really see if there's any truth in the prophecy itself. Until then, little can be done to prove the argument in one direction or the other.

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