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14 Ways to Avoid Being Robbed

     It's not just people who live in the big city who need to learn how to keep themselves safe on the streets. Even if you have learned on of the martial arts styles or you have been taking Martial Arts Self Defense training for a while, it might not be enough to keep you safe. These additional tips may help someone who finds themselves the victim of a robbery or mugging.

In most cases, the attacker is really only after money. But sometimes the theft can turn violent, and the attacker will threaten to use a weapon or other violent force to get what he wants.

Common sense tips for staying safe and avoiding being the next victim:

1. Don't go out for walks alone. If you need fresh air and it's late have someone accompany you.

2. Make sure that someone knows where are headed and how late you expect to be out.

3. Stay away from dark, isolated places.

4. Walk under lights. Steer clear of dark places like unlit doorways, alleys, and bushes that make good hiding places for robbers.

5. Hold your head and shoulders high. A confident person makes a bad choice for a victim.

6. Be alert to the things going on around you.

7. If you see something suspicious, report it.

8. Leave the fancy jewelry and wad of cash at home or the bank. Don't carry it around with you.

9. If a robber tries to take your stuff, let him have it. Your life is more important.

10. If you are confronted by a robber try to remember distinguishing characteristics. That way you can give the police a more accurate description.

11. Scream if you can. Experts say that shouting "Fire!" is more like to get a response than shouting "Help!"

12. If you need to withdraw money from an ATM, use one located inside a bank. Stay away from the stand-alone ATMs located outside.

13. Take your money from the ATM and put it away. Counting it while you walk away is just asking for trouble.

14. Even if you access and ATM from your vehicle, you need to be alert. Check your surroundings.

There are plenty of other things you can do to keep yourself safe. We all know that home robberies and break-ins can be a frightening thing. Most of the time robbers target homes when they know people are planning to be away. Unfortunately, sometimes they miscalculate and find that the owner is at home. When this happens, things can get ugly. If you don't already have a neighborhood watch program started in your community, you should contact your local police department for help getting one started.

No one wants to be the victim of a robbery, break-in, or mugging, but the reality is that sometimes bad things happen anyway. If you are ever the victim of a crime like this, it can be very traumatic for you. Victims of any type of crime are encouraged to seek professional support.

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