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12 Modules To Better Health

     There are lots of benefits you can get from using the Internet. For school children, they won't have to go to the library to research their assignment whereas for adults, through the Internet, they will be able to chat with their family and friends from faraway places. Furthermore, they can supplement their knowledge with all the information readily available online.

But often, this clutter of information can be quite confusing. On one hand, you have conflicting opinions on the same matter. And even when you find accurate information, you still have to contend with confusing jargon. This is particularly true of the field of health and nutrition.

Through 12 modules, sub-divided into four convenient weekly health and nutrition lessons, the average person can enlighten himself in order to achieve a lean, energetic and disease-free body.

The first module is entitled "The Fundamentals of Energy Nutrition and Carbohydrates." Here, the course picks apart all the confusing information related to this macronutrient form and explores how to harness them properly to boost energy. He also discusses sugar metabolism and the key differences between glucose and fructose.

On the other hand, the second module tackles the truths and misconceptions regarding protein. Whereas the third module deals with fat - and in this module, people will know that it is very important for the body to function. Furthermore, people would learn that they can greatly benefit from it when they know which is good from the bad ones.

You might be consuming vitamin supplements but you may have hardly any real knowledge about them. In the fourth module, It explains how vitamins and minerals actually work inside the body.

The fifth chapter discusses digestion, elimination and intestinal health. The sixth chapter delves into allergies and diseases and how the body combats them. Related to this, It discusses in the seventh chapter how people can arm themselves with the right knowledge to enable themselves to heal themselves and avoid falling prey to diseases.

Chapter eight covers popular topics -- weight loss, metabolism and hormones. Here, it explains the scientific basis for losing excess weight.

In module nine, the secrets of food industry are unveiled. Also included in this module are the school founder's picks about which foods to purchase and which to avoid.

In chapter ten, you can find surveys about some toxins that are detrimental to the body as well as the different techniques that can be implemented in order to cleanse the body.

In chapter eleven, the linked between the mind and body and how these two aspects interact are explained.

The series of modules culminates in the twelfth chapter with a discussion about super foods and nutrients which can help people attain a healthier and disease-free body.

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Are you after a lean, energetic and disease-free body? It is possible through Yuri Elkaim’s weekly health and nutrition lessons subdivided from the 12 modules he made. Discover more about being heathy.

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