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10 Unique Ways to Use a Tea Light Candle

     If you plan to make use of tea light candles that have been sitting around for a special occasion, now is the right time to gather all of them, be of different colors, and try one of these ideas to add a little fun and beauty to a situation. Should you be entertaining guests, you're sure to add romantic ambience from using colorful and adorable tea light candles.

1. Floating Tea Light Candles

If you're going to host an outdoor dinner, like in a garden or pool side, perhaps in an area near a pond, you can try this for softening the mood. Center a tea light candle in a small arrangement of flowers glued to a round Styrofoam platform. Add a foil base for the tea light candle and glue its bottom to the Styrofoam bottom. Light the candle before sending it off to float on the body of water. This adds a charming appeal to a pond or pool. The flowers can be of any choice and combination you want, and guests are sure to make mental notes on your attention to detail.

2. Light a Pathway

For a garden party at dusk, tea light candles are sure to complement the starry night sky if your get-together is being held in a hidden garden. To save someone being a guide, light up the pathway using tea light candles in glass holders. Your guests will have a delightful time following your pathway, especially if it's a long one that leads to the designated venue. This method adds up to the suspense of finally arriving to the garden get-together.

3. Seashell Lanterns

Oysters and seashells can be used as tea light candle holders. To hold the tea light candle in place, add some tiny pebbles of different colors to support the candle. For a different twist, add colored sand inside the oysters after gluing the bottom of the candle inside. Add some fresh seaweed or tiny starfish for a seaside charm. To protect the light from a breeze, cover with a tall glass container.

4. Scented Oil Display

For a classy, indoor tea light candle display, fill a fish bowl with scented oils and use floating containers for your tea light candles. The scented oils can have a relaxing effect and can fill your indoors with a sense of calm. Lavender and chamomile works well, or a vanilla and cappuccino scent for coffee aficionados.

5. Chritmas Anytime of the Year

Sprinkle a low, decorative lifeless tree's branches with tea light candles and glitter. By blending glitters in melted wax, light reflections will bounce around and create a dazzling, starry effect. Use this for any event which has a fantasy theme. Again, any choice of glitter color is encouraged. Instead of torches that emit irritating gaseous odors, a candle tree adds a more rustic feel.

6. Spa Aromatherapy

Green tea candles are now in mini sizes and can have a rejuvenating spa effect when lit up during relaxation time. Choose a quiet corner of your house and indulge in everything green tea, from the drink, to spa products, to candles. Pamper yourself with spa aromatherapy candles and emerge from your alone time feeling on top of the world.

7. Citronella Camping Nights

Take your kids out camping, whether in a nature park or just in your own back yard. And to make sure that they are free from pesky mosquitoes, light up citronella scented tea light candles and keep bugs and mozzies away. Have a fun camp out toasting marshmallows and story telling with just candle light.

8. Earth Hours in the Bedroom

Surprise your partner and turn off all the lights at night before going to bed. Reminisce your honeymoon night by using heart-shaped red and pink candles in the bedroom. This adds a little sizzle to an intimate night and helps conserve your energy, however always treat candles with great care inside your house or apartment.

9. Halloween

Suspend a few tea light candles in glass containers from a tree with different rope lengths to create an illusion of floating candles. Want a better scare? Add small cut pieces of cloth and paint faces on them. People will be discussing your scary flying ghosts in your front yard.

10. Candle Lanterns

Commemorate important events by launching flying candle lanterns into the sky. Invite friends and family for an anniversary or a company event and be surprised at the turn out as each one sends off a candle lantern.

Choose the best way to utilize a tea light candle and be surprised with the versatility and endless choices of tea light candles. Be a gracious host, plan ahead and make details count.

Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat.

Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light (, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat.

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Nathan Martyn is webmaster for Gallus Light, introducing a world premier product, The Rotating Flame, which naturally rotates the flame at the rate of a human rest heartbeat.

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