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10 Tips for a Project Management Team

     Time, organization and management resources needs to be invested into the day to day running of any project including the people that are involved in the delivery of the project.
Gathered from a project team’s survey we have combined a list of tips for a project manager and a project management team on how to aid in the smooth transition of a project from the start to finish.
1. Do the skills match the project: Important to have the right people working on the right projects. Do a checklist to ensure the project team has the skills and abilities to reach the targets of the projects. Getting the balance right between skills, knowledge and ability is difficult but essential for the smooth transition of a project plan.
2. Have a project team leader: Assign this role to the individual who has the skills and drive to lead a team to the finish line. It would be advisable for the potential leader to have some prior experience or knowledge on the concept of project management.
3. Communication: The way in which information and updates are communicated within the project team is really important. Everyone has their ideal way of communicating so where possible adapting to that individuals preferred choice will make them more comfortable and confident.
4. Communication channels: Have open channels of communication and a system to update any events set out from the word go. The communication channel needs to be easily accessed and accurate to ensure that the information is transferred along in an efficient manner.
5. Set out the credentials: Explain the background and benefits of the project to the project team to set the foundations of the project plan. It is important that the project team fully supports the overall project and the method by which you are going to use to get there.
6. Flexible: The project team including the project manager needs to be flexible and realistic to meet the requirements of the project.
7. Aim high: As the project leader, he/she is expected to provide the necessary encouragement and motivation for the project team to meet their requirements. Being negative will have a knock on effect and discourage the project team
8. Meeting: Ensure regular scheduled meetings (online or in person) happen with everyone bringing updates and action lists. This gives all involved a chance to ask questions, clarify any issues that people may have and to collect any information regarding the project that is needed. Any problems should be addressed and if possible rectified during the meeting.
9. Consistency: Once a bar has been set with the delivery of a project, a project team member needs to be consistent with subsequent project delivery.
10. Trust: All parties involved in a project need to trust in the skills and deliverables of each other. If there is trust among the team it will bring any problems or issues to the surface as the environment will support problem solving and decision making.

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