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  • Creating Business Predictability Can Hold The Key to Success  By : Ron Finklestein
    If your business is on a rollercoaster, try these techniques for creating a more predictable outcome
  • "Awakening Your Visual Vocabulary" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    "Words, words, words, I'm so sick of words ... Show me" — So says Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady." From lack of use, we dulled our visual thinking. We need to awaken a thinking that is natural to all of us from the time we are children. Words come easier adults. Our focus shifts from the speaker-presenter to the listener-receiver.Thinking in "show me" terms requires us to move to the creative, playful part of our brains.
  • "Challenging Your Assumptions" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    I believe ... I think ... I know ... When you hear yourself saying these terms, you are uttering an assumption. Sometimes assumptions are masked under expressions like we must, we should. Still others come with heavy camouflage. Here are issues to address. You made mistakes. Assumptions cloud discussions, jeopardize planning, distort innovations. Therefore, confronting assumptions refocuses what you are doing or planning to do.
  • "Congratulations, You Failed!" Or, the Sublime Art of Failing Miserably  By : Lani and Allen Voivod
    Are you an entrepreneur, biz owner, coach, consultant, or solo professional with more than a few failures notched in your belt? Congratulations! You're doing all the right things to ensure eventual and ultimate success. Read on...
  • "Courting The BIG Innovation" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Wanting to hear the Sirens' songs but not succumb, Odysseus fought off the music by asking his crew to tie him securely to a mast.Odysseus sought counsel with seductive, magical Circe. She offers instructions. She comes in the night with visions to terrify the weak. She tempts you with possibilities. Innovation Sirens call you. Magical songs play in your head. Circe sends visions of future realities. Her visions awaken even the deepest sleeper.
  • "Courting the BIG Innovation: Part #2" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Although not done thinking about what you want to achieve, think about the next exploration phase which has three components: A = assumptions, B = behaviors, and C = character. As you begin answering "Who Do You Need To Become," "search" is constantly with you. Start with "list of characteristics of innovators." Look at each one deeply. You do not want to be blinded by your own ignorance. Be open with yourself. Be honest in your assessments.
  • "Designing Forward To Solutions" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    "The Devil Is In The Details" — How many times have you heard that expression? When working with problems, frustration ranks high on the emotions you experience. So, understand what kind of problem you face. An existing problem you want to fix requires analytical skills that rely on historical data. However, a challenge that looks to the future requires strategic synthesis-skills that rely heavily on questions, images, and outcomes.
  • "Disarming The Big Ducks" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Big ducks parade through all our lives. Some waddle in front of us to slow our progress. Some nag us, with an incessant "quackquackquack," to change ourselves. Some startle us with a gigantic QUACK and dramatically flapping wings to get us out of their way. Ducks never change. They are happy with their world. However, we can change our reactions to their behavior.
  • "Do You Know How To Stand Out From The Crowd?"  By : Kevin Pritchett
    Read this article and find out how to stand out from the crowd.
  • "Do you want to learn auction online?"  By : infotech
    Auctions online, Everyday, cars, boats, RVs, homes, property, jewelery, toys, bedding, arts and crafts, books, ebooks, antiques etc.
  • "Entering The World Of Innovation" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    The world of innovation scares many people. Typically, these frightened people associate innovation with HUGE, risk-laden ideas that change things dramatically. To the contrary, "innovation" refers to change and to doing something new. Here, size does not matter. In fact, some very small changes create dramatic innovation.
  • "Establishing Virtual Communities" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Since the start of the 21st century, virtual explorers have developed social networks, an uncharted territory excited them. They created the software, developed the sites, invited early adopters to play. As social networks matured, a different person populated the networks. This person needs not the explorer's excitement nor the hard world of the pioneer. This person wants sustainable environments --- the settler who establishes communities.
  • "Fidget Factor" And How It Factors In To Your Products' Presentation.  By : Richard Tattoli
    "Fidget Factor". This article will examine some of my personal observations as it relates to our desire to touch and feel products before we consider our stamp of approval on them and how we as marketers and sales professionals should carefully take into consideration how they are presented, packaged or displayed.
  • "Forex" Currency Market Strategy  By : Ronald Cringer
    To earn a decent amount of money in Forex trading, you must make sure that you know some currency market strategy The Foreign Exchange Market, or most popularly known as "Forex", is one of the biggest, most dynamic, and fastest moving markets in the world
  • "Go Deep" With Maximum Marketing ROI Measurement  By : Richard Seppala
    Knowing the Response Rate to Your Marketing Just Isn't Enough.
  • "I Want to Think About It" - Ten New Ways to Handle it!  By : Mike Brooks
    The bottom line is that when someone says they want to think about it, it means they aren't sold yet. And it could very easily mean that they aren't sold on your solution, and they never will be because they have something else in mind. And that's why you must get your prospect talking.
  • "If It Isn't Broken, Don't Fix It" Thermal Imaging Electrical Systems  By : Marjorie Duffy
    This attitude is all too often applied to building and machine electrical systems. With electricity seemingly always ready for use, it's difficult to convince building owners and facilities maintenance personal alike of the importance of extending their preventative maintenance programs to include electrical systems.
  • "Keeping Your Thinking Journey On Course" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Author Jack Trout in his book "In Search of the Obvious" explores an "over communicated world" in search of the obvious. Finding the obvious is probably the most difficult task in any kind of thinking. We honor the difficult? We pursue the complex. We applaud the creativity within our messages. Yet, "the obvious is apt to be so simple and commonplace..." The obvious appeals to your common sense! But, you ask, "How do I find my obvious?"
  • "Learning Through Discovery" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    When we become adults, we put away childish things. Sadly and too often, we also lose our curiosity, our ability to learn, joyously, through discovery. To recapture the feeling that comes with discovery of something previously not experienced, you must return to the time when everything was appearing in your world for the first time. Allow yourself to be the child again in your mind.
  • "My Online Enterprise Technique" a New Development - 50 Million Work At Home Right Now! - You Can As Effectively  By : Michael K.
    "My On-line Enterprise Strategy" will not, I repeat NOT, make you millions this week and also you may not be retiring this year!
  • "Online Investment Pitholes Every Newbie Must Avoid"  By : Darlington Chigozie
    It is quite disheartening each time I see a very enthusiastic newbie online investor fall, burn or cash inside some of these online investment pit holes just because they do not first take the pain to critically research investment programs before they start whipping out their credit cards to invest in them
  • "Playing Your Way To Value Creation" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Price, cost, value — all cut from similar cloth but ending in very different garments. The first two arise from data analysis. Value, by contrast, demands thought. Too frequently, individuals approach this thinking with great seriousness, a practice which slows the process. Replace the seriousness with play and the resulting value creation --- for strategies, campaigns, projects, products and services --- is deeper and more powerful.
  • "Qsave Review & Stategies that Work Tips"  By : Ken Hatton
    Qsave is a relationship driven organizationmethodl, which features cost prices where the customer pays only the shipping, Thus allowing the agent an opportunity of building a multi-nationalhome based business.
  • "Questioning Your Perspective" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    For a moment, let's imagine. See us facing each other. I ask you to describe your hand. Pause yourself long enough to identify the position of your hand before you describe. Palm down? Palm up and facing you? Palm up and facing me? In what position do we have the same perspective, the same view? None of the mentioned positions! Now, ask what is the ideal position for us to take so we will have essentially the same view, the same perspective.
  • "Simplifying Your Journey" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Life is a sustained journey composed of a range of journeys. Some are personal and individual. Others are shared. Still others involve teams, groups, organizations, and even nations. Each journey, large or small, begins with the seeing of a destination. This seeing is commonly referred to as the vision, a future destination to be achieved. Until the vision is clear, you cannot move forward.
  • "T-Power #2 — Expressing Emotional Thinking" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Emotional thinking sits opposite informational thinking. Experience, attitudes, and assumptions color emotional thinking. Yet, rarely do we share our emotional thinking with others. The fear of attack and ridicule for even having emotional thoughts paralyzes many of even the greatest thinkers. None of us wants to be the fool. However, if emotional thoughts are not laid on the exploratory table, they simply explode unexpectedly if suppressed.
  • "T-Power #4 — Producing "Getting-It-Done Thinking" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Many people approach "getting-it-done thinking" with excitement. We are going to make things happen. Action is close. Optimism is prevalent. Speculation abounds. Suggestions flow freely. Obstacles melt away. Value and benefits emerge. The challenge here is two-fold. Identify the actions to be taken, the value and benefits of those actions. Then, evaluate each action against what you are really trying to achieve.
  • "T-Power #5 — Arousing New-Ideas Thinking" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Inside each of us lies a sleeping giant, the part of us that is wild and crazy. We need only to re-position the giant's energy toward playful, even silly, thinking. Many of us keep the giant hidden from view because of the unpredictability. Yet, unpredictability is vital. You open your brain to explore possibilities. Each new-idea represents a break from traditional thinking. Each idea, wild and crazy as it might be, reveals an opportunity.
  • "The Nuts' Manifesto": 5 Radical Business Rules That Fly in the Face of "Sensible" Thinking  By : Lani and Allen Voivod
    When it comes to doing business and forging a successful life, are you a Sensible or a Nut? Discover the 5 rules that call the shots in the boardrooms of the Nuts' minds. These are the guiding principles that help Nuts innovate, break down barriers, and redefine what's possible when all rational thinking suggests otherwise.
  • "Try Not. Do or Do Not. There is No Try." Yoda  By : Tammy AS Kohl
    Many people are familiar with Yoda, a very wise Jedi Master from Star Wars, who was charged to train Luke Skywalker in how to use his "force" This quote is from the scene where Luke was trying to mentally, by using his 'force,' pull his plane from the muck of a swamp
  • "Understanding People Through Hearing" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Each day sounds invade your personal worlds. Bells, whistles, chimes, screeches, horns; most you dismiss even without acknowledging. Babies crying, dogs barking, rocks sliding, winds roaring, waves crashing, doors closing; most you acknowledge, or even analyze, to determine a situation's urgency. Between these two extremes lies the hearing that people tend not to value. That is the hearing that requires consciously listening to humans.
  • "What is Your Life Purpose?"  By : Katrina Sawa
    For many entrepreneurs we start a business because we have a passion for delivering a product or service in some way or we want to make a bunch of money (it's nice if you can have both).
  • "Wording Does Matter" — (It's All About The Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    Names matter. We use them to establish identity. Appearances matter. We use them to show the world who we are. Titles matter. We put them on important things. Pictures matter. We post them on refrigerators, we put them in scrapbooks, we use them in commercials. For all these "matters," we take great care to polish, protect, position, promote. Still, one area of "matters" is repeatedly neglected and even abused — words. Words do matter.
  • "Writing Problem Statements" — (It's All About the Thinking)  By : Virginia McBride
    We need to ....., We should ......, We ought do ......, We must ....... — Oh what simple and common expressions!!!! They are generally spoken in the name of "problems" and "problem solving." People who use these expressions are posing their solutions to an undefined problem or even an unstated problem. They seek agreement and praise. However, none of them ever really solved any problem with this language.
  • # 2 And Trying Harder ! Why Canadian Business Accounts Receivable Financing Is Your Cash Flow Solution  By : sprokop
    Information on Canadian business accounts receivable financing . Why a confidential A/R finance strategy is a solution to cash flow and growth challenges .
  • #1 Reason 75% of Organizational Change Efforts Fail & How YOU Can Be Part of the 25% that Succeed  By : Jennifer Selby Long
    Have you ever tried to lead a major organizational change that failed? It's something we don't forget very easily. Because of this, I've been an avid student of how to make organizational changes successful. I advise clients on how to avoid all of the mistakes I made and ensure that their changes will be smoother and more successful. Let me share some of what I've learned.
  • #2 Core Value In Business Is Integrity  By : Monique Schlosser
    Integrity in business is defined as an ethical action that includes speaking the truth and not telling lies. We seek to say what we mean, and mean what we say.
  • #3 Core Value In Business Is Respect  By : Monique Schlosser
    Respect in business has great importance in everyday life.Nowhere is the boomerang effect of respect more measurable than in business.The Power of Respect is potent.
  • “Bad Personal Credit” Destroys Business Dreams  By : susa
    Have you or your family been stressed out because you lost your job and your personal credit has gone down the toilet?
    Have you made the decision to get back on your feet and start a home based business or a store front business?
  • "Baidu Library" Is Not a Good Model  By : Paul Hu
    The development of the Internet spawned numerous copyright disputes, it needs both enterprise innovation and government management innovation, also need legislative and judicial timely adjust

    Yesterday, the state council information office held a news conference revealed the above information, deputy director of the general administration of press and publishing, the national copyright administration, deputy director of the YanXiaoHong more of hot debate "baidu recently library direct commitment" the event, "said baidu library" is not a good business model
  • "The 5 Top Mistakes of Online Investors"  By : Darlington Chigozie
    It is quite pathetic each time I see many online investors quit from online investment program after their frustrations due to repeat of similar mistakes every now and then Every now and then, someone discovers an online investment program, invests in it with such great prospect; and before you know it, he has crash landed
  • (Almost) Fr’ee Marketing using Public Speaking  By : Audrey Burton
    Are you looking for inexpensive ways to market your business? Public speaking is almost as cheap as you can get! You reach a room full of people all at once, and sometimes they even pay you! Read all about how to get going, with some specific tips and ideas.
  • *Car Disposal In Melbourne*  By : andyclimed
    It generally does not mean that they pay that kind of an amount for every scrap car that comes their way.
  • *Car Wreckers In Melbourne*  By : adamegibs
    There is a possiblity of making money even from the old junk metal that covers your car's body.
  • - What if .. Your Company Had All the Working Capital Financing You Needed?  By : sprokop
    Information on working capital financing solutions for business funding in Canada . Emphasizes the need to understand both the requirement and the financing solution.
  • 1 Billion-Plus Reasons Why You Should Be Active on Facebook  By : Bubba Mills
    The number is staggering and potentially career-ending for Realtors who ignore it: 1,440,000,000. That's the total number of monthly active users on the social medium Facebook.
  • 1 Setting Up a Business in Spain by Taking Care of Various Issues  By : Victor Mize
    Among the European nations, which provide huge potential for profits and business growths, doing business in Spain is seen by many companies as profitable. Spain is a favoured country for business as it has relaxed rules and easy policies of the government.
  • 1 Surefire Way To Fail In The LED Screens Industry  By : Fabio Aversa
    Yesterday I had an aperitive with one of our Customers and of course we were talking about LED screens. While talking, he told me the story of one of his Clients who installed a LED screen to sell advertising spaces...
  • 10 Advantages of a Mobile Job Search  By : Kevin Morris
    Mobile job search has many advantages over yesterday's static job search approaches. This article outlines 10 distinct advantages of mobilizing your job search by taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies and job search trends.
  • 10 Basic Steps to Making a Business Card Holder  By : Douglas R. Williams
    You can create a business card holder by yourself To begin this you will need to prepare the required materials and equipment, position a sheet of wax paper above your work place, install 3 popsicle sticks collectively using the glue, fasten another 4 popsicle sticks jointly, glue another two popsicle sticks collectively, take out one ¼ inches off the upper and bottom portion of four popsicle sticks, glue the sticks from the 3rd stage using the sticks on the fourth stage, fasten the 2 sticks in the 5th phase at the back of the sticks in the fourth stage, utilize the sticks in the sixth step to form the sides of the card holder, and customize your own card holder with the diverse add-ons
  • 10 Benefits of Proofing Your Content Online  By : Shanna Oskin
    Moving to an online proofing solution can seem particularly daunting, especially if you're already using email and other tools to get feedback on content. So why change the way you're managing reviews and approvals?
  • 10 Benefits of Using a Virtual PA Over a Regular One  By : Robert Thomson
    Modern technology has brought with it a whole new way of doing business. With internet connections and global calling programs, you can now...
  • 10 Bookkeeping Responsibilities of a Small Business  By : Robert Corter
    As a small-business owner, there are a number of items that will need to be considered when it comes to keeping the books of your business This will consist of a variety of different areas that will need to be maintained on a consistent basis
  • 10 Business Street Smarts  By : David Julian Price
    This article is a short and punchy list of things that smart business people know or do. It is perfect for people starting in business or for people who find themselves facing challenges in their business. The article is practical and will show you in about 4 minutes, what smart people know to make sure they own a business, not a job!
  • 10 Challenges Business Owners Face And The Solutions  By : Peter Williamson
    All business owners have challenges. Here are some that can make or break a business and what one can do to to combat them. If you deal with change, hiring, asking questions, networking and a host of other challenges, this article is for you.
  • 10 Considerations For Equipment Leasing and Lease Financing In Canada – From Start to Buyout !  By : sprokop
    Information on lease financing in Canada . What are some terms and issues in equipment leasing you need to master other than rate and pricing . Use these tips from start to buyout of your lease .
  • 10 Critical Tips for Clearing Office Clutter  By : Janet Nusbaum
    Experience greater focus and productivity by reducing your office clutter.
  • 10 Customer Referral Program Ideas  By : Christian Fea
    Customer referral program ideas continue to evolve as business is done in different manners than it was when our parents were young. This is definitely a positive change for business owners in today's digital age. With an endless list of new ideas and channels to bring referrals in from, it can simply be a matter of finding the right program for your business.
  • 10 Effective Advertising Tips! 80% of All Advertising Is Wasted Due To This Common Mistake  By : Cecilia Alston
    Writing a free classified to offer your products isn't as hard you may think, should you spend some time researching effective copy writing strategies.
  • 10 Effective Ways to Use 1 Piece of Content  By : Cidnee Stephen
    This article is meant to be a hands-on exercise Why
  • 10 Essentials For a Successful Conference  By : Dori Soukup
    Keys to Successful Conferences
  • 10 Free Web Resources That Will Save You Time And Money  By : Will Pena, MBA
    In this economy, every bit of time, effort, resources and money you can save makes a big difference. Here are 10 of the best free resources on the web for small businesses, that will give you an edge in the marketplace.
  • 10 Funniest Promo Products  By : Robert Thomson
    Often, the best promotional products are those that make people laugh. They may be silly or small gadgets and serve little or no...
  • 10 Goals Of MLSP For Networker's The Opportunity of a Life Time  By : Yvonne Brown
    This article is about the 10 Goals Of MLSP For Networker's The Opportunity of a
    Life Time in network marketing. MLSP is a network marketing system that has the
    objectives of the net worker in mind. It is a dream come true to have a step by
    step system in place filled with mlm information, to train you how to generate
    leads, educate net workers to brand themselves and generate free leads.
    We all can finally accomplish the dream of becoming a top producer in the
    industry of network marketing, build a down line, and assist others to do the
    same. Thank God for My Lead System Pro!!!!
  • 10 Great Reasons Why Promotional Bags Make Such Fantastic Corporate Gifts  By : Francis Murphy
    All types of Promotional Bags are used to advertise businesses, their services and products. They make perfect advertising gifts for many different reasons and this article will explain the top 10. From Embroidered Laptop Bags to the common or garden printed plastic carrier bags they offer great value. They literally take your logo or message out onto the
    street and onto buses trains and cars.
  • 10 Guidelines To Running A Successful Based Internet Business  By : Stephen Rouse
    House primarily based enterprise profit. Study why beginning a home business can provide you unlimited monetary freedom and wealth..
  • 10 Headline Writing Ideas That Will Immediately Enhance Your Advertising Response Rates! Copyright 2006 Brian Maroevich Even the most powerful advertising  By : shon chopa
    Powerful headline alternatives that will significantly increase your sales and put new life into your advertising efforts.
  • 10 Important Things to Have on Hand When Opening a Salon  By : Gloria Gangi
    Establishing a hair and beauty salon tends to make great business sense simply because individuals constantly find enough time and cash to manage their appearance The truth is, regardless of the economic downturn, the hair and beauty salon market is growing globally and it is likely to keep doing so as the population grows
  • 10 Items Or Less-How To Use The Customer's Demand For Fast Service And Convenience  By : Bob Janet
    Five no cost customer service techniques you can do that will increase your sales and profits by giving fast and convenient service.
  • 10 Key Questions to ask Before Buying a SaaS System  By : Charlotte Mooney
    A buyer's guide to Software as Service. 10 important questions to consider before choosing your new SaaS system.
  • 10 Key Questions to Ask to Unlock Your Expertise  By : Donna Gunter
    Many business owners wrestle with this notion of "expertise", feeling certain that they don't know enough to be looked upon by anyone as an expert.Your knowledge, likes and dislikes, and life experiences are all valuable keys to help you unlock your expertise. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to help you assess your expertise:
  • 10 Key Ways Business Owners Can Motivate Their Teams  By : Peter Williamson
    This article addresses 10 Key Ways Business Owners Can Motivate Their Teams with applicable tips on the hows and whens to zip the lip, manage, lead, prioritize, and regroup. Author Peter Williamson, himself a business coach, shows how to become the example you want in your business by leading with integrity, vision, strength, and confidence.
  • 10 Keys to Saying Yes to the Right Projects  By : Carrie Greene
    Are there projects or things that you're thinking about doing that you'd be better off saying no to or at least asking more questions about before you say yes?
  • 10 Killer Sales Tips For Your Business  By : Anna Hancox
    So many businesses get confused when it comes to the difference between sales and marketing and don't fully understand the difference. You can place all your efforts marketing your business with minimal conversions, so the question becomes where do you place your efforts. In this article you will learn how to more effectively convert your leads into sales?
  • 10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips by ACT Clean  By : Hazel Actclean
    ACT Clean, one of the top London kitchen cleaning service companies, provides ten tips to clean kitchens just like the professionals do. These tips will help you keep any kitchen sparkling.
  • 10 Marketing Tips That Won't Cost the Earth  By : Tony Gattari
    Businesses all over the world are trying to do more with less as marketing budgets are slashed in these tougher economic times But with a nose for a bargain and a little know-how from the experts, it is possible to extract good value from a shrinking budget
  • 10 More Reasons Why You Did Not Land the Contract  By : Ian Lauder
    Not losing a client or contract is even more important in todays economy. There is even less margin for error these days to stay in business. Many business proposals are rejected due to easy to correct mistakes. This is the 2nd installment in the top 10 reasons why you may have failed to land the client or project.
  • 10 Myths of Home Information Packs (HIP)  By : adda4u
    Home Information Packs (HIP) are becoming more widely accepted since the first date of implementation. However, with the Home Information Pack’s existence also comes some fallacies and myths which have been attached to them. Due to this we have decided to look at a selection of some commonly held misconceptions and some of the more unusual ones we have come across.
  • 10 Networking Steps That Build Solid Business Connections  By : Peter Williamson
    Networking excites some and frightens others; it's not for everyone. Still, if you are avoiding networking because of discomfort, power through that uneasiness and make networking work for, not against you. This article guides you through the 10 steps to effective networking.
  • 10 Office Seating Misconceptions - What Makes a Good Office Chair  By : Peter Wormersley
    In this article I am taking a quick look at what you will find to be the top ten misconceptions about what makes a good office chair The ten points in the article aren't in any order of priority; they're all important things to consider before you buy a new office seat
  • 10 Promotional Products For Less Than A Pound  By : Paul Beirne
    Promotional Gifts cover a vast array of products that range from small promotional items such as budget keyrings or cheap plastic pens up to expensive items such as Television sets or cameras. This article gives you 10 great ideas for items that cost less than £1.
  • 10 Proven Ways To Get Less When You Sell Your Business  By : Barbara J Hartung
    The vast majority of mid-market business owners have a substantial part of their net worth tied up in their businesses. If you fall in this majority, your future depends on getting the highest price when you sell that business.
  • 10 Questions To Ask An SME  By : Anthony Flores
    "Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing." Engineer's MottoHe stares at you from behind his thick glasses. Years of stress and long
  • 10 Questions to Ask Before Licensing Your Program  By : Donna Gunter
    Licensing your programs or products is a great way to get the word out about what you do, and have others (your licensees) pay you for the privilege of distributing your info around the globe. Here are 10 questions to consider as you determine your licensing strategy:
  • 10 Reasons Hiring Managers Fear Pre-Employment Tests  By : Ira Wolfe
    The FEAR that hiring managers have about using pre-employment tests is nothing more than False Experiences Appearing Real. In this column I respond to the top 10 fears I consistently hear from HR managers, executives and business owners.
  • 10 Reasons Why Gold Should Be Part of Your Investment Portfolio  By : Dominique Einhorn
    Gold has been used for countless centuries as an indication of wealth, power and honor, but it has also been a fantastic investment choice. Why? Well, because it is what has essentially set the standard throughout monetary history. Here are ten reasons that you should consider gold as a part of your investment portfolio
  • 10 Reasons Why You Need a Call Centre Inbound Service  By : Preston Mane
    Whether you are a one man band, small business or large corporation you have an obligation to look after your customers and ensure that their needs are being met. Poor customer service results in poor sales and an even poorer reputation.
  • 10 Rules For Selecting a Work Order System  By : Bryce Beattie
    If you run or manage a business that sends employees out to various locations, then you have a problem Your problem is that you can't always be with every employee, telling him what he needs to do next
  • 10 Simple And Easy Steps To Making A Company Card Holder  By : danica
    You can create a business card holder by yourself. To perform this you should prepare the essential materials and equipment, position a sheet of wax paper over your work area, connect three popsicle sticks together utilising the glue, fasten another four popsicle sticks jointly, fasten another two popsicle sticks collectively, take away one inches off the top and base part of four popsicle sticks, glue the sticks from the third stage with the sticks on the 4th stage, fasten the 2 sticks in the 5th phase behind the sticks in the fourth stage, utilize the sticks in the sixth phase to form the sides of the card holder, and personalize your cardholder with the various embellishments.
  • 10 Simple Things to Do Before Attending the PMI Global Congress  By : Dan Cooper
    Participating in global project management events is a unique experience in which you will have access to premier project management education and networking opportunities.
  • 10 Small Business Trends For 2012 - Part 1  By : Chris Makell
    Five out of ten business trends for 2012 that will help your business succeed or keep your clients happy!
  • 10 Steps A Banker Takes Going From Good To Great©  By : Janice Branch
    Janice Branch, Senior Training Consultant for InterAction Training shows you the ten steps it takes to change your performance from good to great in order to help you retain your customers in an ever-increasing competitive landscape.
  • 10 Steps For Business To Business Partnership Deals  By : Christian Fea
    There are many important stages to creating a successful business to business partnership deal. Generally all B2B partnerships keep to a few basic steps from initiation to execution. The following are ten points to be aware of while moving through the process of establishing a business to business partnership.
  • 10 Steps For Setting Up A Corporate Gym  By : Philbert Xavier Jenkins
    The following are recommended steps for setting up a corporate gym Rather than paying for what can be costly corporate gym membership at a national chain or local sports centre, setting up your own inhouse gym can be a cost effective solution
  • 10 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire  By : Dan Cooper
    Most of my life I've been obsessed with success and financial freedom. Like you and others, I didn't come from money and didn't have a great deal of direction, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.
  • 10 Steps To One-To-One Networking Success!  By : Martin Haworth
    It's important to meet people to make the most of your business and career.And, of course, tough to make the right impression. When talking with people who are important to you, here are some easy tips that will make the most difference.
  • 10 Take-Away's From Ali Brown's SHINE 2011  By : Alicia Forest
    I had many light bulb moments during my three days in Dallas at SHINE this year, and I wanted to share with you 10 of my top take-away's:
  • 10 Thing Sales People Need to Know About C-Level Decision Makers  By : Kelley Robertson
    Selling to high-level decision makers is challenging at the best of times. However, it can be easier if you understand a few business principles.

    C-level decision makers are paid to improve their business results. Regardless of how the media portrays these executives, their primary concern is to improve their business.
  • 10 Things Every Home Based Business Owner Needs  By : John Pawlett
    When you make the decision to earn income from the internet you will need to go through a set up process to be ready for business.
  • 10 Things No Law Firm Should Be Without  By : Mark Etinger
    The United States is one of the most litigious countries in the world. Every day, millions of Americans bring legal action against their fellow citizens, and while it might not be good for them, court reporters have reaped the benefits of all these court cases. Yes, court reporters are in demand now more than ever, but some states feature more opportunities than others.

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