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Hydrogen Powered Sport Car with Sting

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Hydrogen powered cars, or any sports cars with a hydrogen generator, and any new electric cars, are going to make the news. That's because our current interest is in saving fuel, dropping emissions, and going green. That's good, but the thing is, people aren't thinking this through.

For example, electric cars are of high interest right now. Yet batteries are made by digging into the earth, shipping ore overseas, making product in other countries, shipping it back, and then dealing with environmental issues when you are done and have to dump the dead batteries someplace.

They also aren't reliable, are very expensive, and weigh a ton. Driving an electric is even potentially dangerous, as you can't hear them. A friend saw the Tesla all-electric sports car being driven and said it was the fastest golf cart ever.

I love that people are looking for solutions, but electric cars aren't there yet. A better and more immediate remedy is a hydrogen-gas hybrid. While hydrogen only cars aren't practical right now, a hydrogen-gas hybrid car is.

This is a car that has a hydrogen generator right under the hood. No need to fill up with hydrogen. Just start the car and it starts making hydrogen fuel. In this way you can save gas, save the environment, bring emissions down to almost zero, stay safe and even look cool, too.

Who has such a dream car?

Well, I will, soon. But right now the company building it is Ronn Motors outside of Austin, Texas. They invented the coolest super green sports car on the planet called The Scorpion. That's it in the picture with me. (Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons.)

But this is actually a story about the Law of Attraction more than it is a story about green cars.

Ronn Maxwell, the company founder, attracted the idea for the car one night over dinner. He knew the problems with electrics, the need for something now with near-zero emissions, etc. He opened his mind, received what I'll call Divine Inspiration, and then took action.

Within a few months he built the prototype. Shortly after that he was on and in national magazines, showing the car at automobile shows, debuting it last November at SEMA in Las Vegas, and having celebrities place orders for it. I placed an order on the spot and will have the third car they make, due any day now.

Discovery Channel television will air a special on the Scorpion in October. You'll be able to see me in it driving the car at record speed on an airport runway while I hooped and hollered and loved it. I've driven millions of dollars worth of sports cars but the Scorpion stands head and shoulders above them all. It's fast, cool, and green. I've never seen or driven anything like it before, and I have a cool car collection.

But Ronn Motors isn't focused on making Scorpions and selling them. Instead, their car is a head turner to get you to ask what's under the hood. When you do, they tell you about their H2GO tm system - a system that can be placed on the engine of virtually any car, making it a hydrogen-gas hybrid on the spot. That's what they want to sell.

Again, you can attract anything you want when you focus on manifesting from the inside out. There are no limits - not even when it comes to solving environmental challenges like creating a car that is earth friendly yet oh so cool to drive.

PS -- If you're interested in hydrogen powered cars, an on-board hydrogen generator inside cars, or green sports cars, go see The Scorpion. The company is also on the stock exchange (symbol RNNM). If I were you, I'd invest in them.

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Dr. Joe Vitale shares how to attract money using the Law of Attraction and inspiration in business and life. You will learn the techniques that Dr. Vitale has used for over 25 years to become known as powerful leader in copywriting and marketing.

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