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Tattoos Are Cool. If You're Over 40!

     From being a symbol of the counterculture, tattoos have now become a symbol of the mainstream. It's no longer cool now that everyone's getting inked , accordingly the amount of people with tattoo regret is increasing as well.

Tattoos, as proven by a recent study, have become a fashion trend rather than a rebellious statement, as everyone regardless of background, age, gender, income is getting one or more.

Before the 1970s, tattoos were the domain of sailors, crims and low income tough guys/bikers. It was a statement against the conservative suit wearing white middle aged culture that was (and is) found so commonly in the western world.

Then -- in the 90s it all changed! Tattoos became a form of counterculture for the youth, at first it was a sign of true rebellion. For the first time it became popular for suburban youth (of both genders) to be tattooed in visible, obvious locations. Arms at first, feet, legs then neck, hands etc followed as the trend grew. Today, approximately 21% of the population have at least one tattoo -- that statistic is further broken down to 19% of the male population, and 23% of the female population. Nearly 80% of people polled stated that they did not regret their tattoos, and according to a recent Harris Poll study.

Thirty-six percent of those ages 18 to 25, and 40 percent of those ages 26 to 40, have at least one tattoo, according to a 2008 survey by the Pew Research Center. But - and here's the gist of this article - the idea connecting tattoos to the counterculture and general rebellion is waning.

When middle aged mums and dads, aunties and businessmen start showing their kids their tatts, there is only one outcome. The youth will lose interest. I'm not sure if it has happened to a substantial degree yet, but it certainly has started. When Cate Blanchette celebrated her recent Oscar award with a new tattoo and 75 year old British TV presenter David Dimblebee gets a scorpion inked on his shoulder, you know the games up.

To witness middle aged mums checking out the designs in tattoo shops you know the writing is on the wall for tattoos being an individualistic statement of rebelliousness. Its now a fashion. And like every fashion, it is cyclical and will eventually go out of fashion.

And the jumping on the band wagon that has fueled the rapid increase in interest towards tattoos, coupled with the acceptance of tattoos into mainstream pop culture with TV shows like Miami Ink and Inked just adding to the momentum, the industry to keep an eye on in the next decade is tattoo removal.

With the increase in technology of laser removal responding to a market keen to remove unwanted ink it looks like we're at the birth of a burgeoning new industry. "It's a popular mainstream trend, with everyone and their dog getting inked. Unlike say clothing, taking off a tattoo in favor of the next trend isn't real easy. Having said that, laser tattoo removal technology has come a long way, and it's now possible to get rid of ink without scarring. And it will become easier in the future as the technology accelerates"

There you go, the secret is out. Australians are getting inked left, right and centre. And it just ain't cool anymore. Well not if youre under 40!

But the big question here is -- how many of the people from their late teens to late 20s getting tattoos are going to regret, or already are regretting their choice? The future customers of this new tattoo removal industry. A hell of a lot we'd say!

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Wayne Black is the owner of D-Inked Tattoo Removal in Newtown Australia. He can be contacted at, and 02 9550 1111.

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