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Avoid Unnecessary Problems By Maintaining Auto Glass

     Auto glass is expensive, not so easy to repair and even harder to replace. Most jobs need a professional touch and a replacement should never be attempted alone. Improper installation is dangerous and will see you bid your money goodbye before you know it.

Like all automobile-related things, auto glass will suffer damage at one time or another. Everyday wear and tear, the weather and accidents contribute to slowly robbing it of its strength. Even if the glass itself still holds strong, numerous scratches may force you to get a replacement. Either way, knowing how to maintain windshields, side and rear windows will save you money.

Cleaning care

Plain water would be more than enough if only it could remove oils and grime. An alternative is a mild car wash solution or a homemade mix of diluted vinegar. Ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided because they’re too harsh and will affect tint.

Keep wiper fluid filled to prevent scratches and scuffs especially during dry days when you’re tempted to turn on the wipers to remove a spot of dirt. The wipers themselves should work properly and if you notice unusual noises coming from them or if they leave streaks on the glass, have them checked.

Use a soft cotton cloth for all auto glass cleaning, free of lint. You may be tempted to scrub stubborn grime but don’t. Instead, rub until it removes.

Minor repairs

Auto glass is exceptionally strong and doesn’t s scratch easily. But, unforeseen situations may cause minor damage like chips and small gouges. While not dangerous, they are a cause for concern because leaving damage as is causes stresses that may worsen it.

Purchase a windshield repair kit from any auto accessories store. It’ll contain epoxy resin, a suction cup and a threaded repair tube. These are designed to work on minor damage so don’t bother applying them to large cracks. Repair kits are easy to use and come with a full set of instructions for beginners. If you aren’t confident even in spite of this, call for help. It’ll cost but it’s better than doing a poor job.

Though it isn’t possible to guarantee damage-free auto glass, parking it under shelter helps. Falling branches, stones and even vandalism can be kept at bay, at least to an extent. If there’s no room for a proper garage, install an awning at the very least. A carport, which has the sides open, is a third option while a Quonset shed is another, though it requires more space. Here, the cost and time take to build one is much lower than a traditional garage though it offers the same security.


Unless damage is severe, replacement isn’t needed because auto glass can withstand a lot of abuse. Most vehicles don’t see a replacement during their lifetime unless they’ve witnessed accidents. You can rest easy too especially if you give yours the occasional pampering.

As mentioned, replacement is best done at an auto shop preferably specializing in glass replacement. There are too many things that can go wrong and a slip could mean having to purchase another sheet. Find out the quotes offered by different shops before settling for any one and make sure only OEM glass is used. Anything less may compromise quality though, of course, custom cars may require custom glass.

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Your car's windscreen is an expensive and a very hard to replace part. To avoid unnecessary scratches, clean the windscreen with certified cleaning products and change your wiper blades regularly. Browse this website to for some more helpful tips on windshield repair and maintenance.

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