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What Every Driver Must Know About The Tire Pressure Gauge

     Statistical results of vehicular accidents worldwide have listed flat tires as the highest contributor. Driving with a flat tire often causes the tire to burst, and when the vehicle is running at maximum speed or higher, a burst tire can cause the vehicle to careen off the road at a dangerous pace. Given the high accident rate due to flat tires, road safety experts often recommend that drivers routinely check the air pressure on their tires. Drivers don't have to rely on car mechanics for air pressure checks. All they need is a reliable tire pressure gauge that could check their tires anytime they need to do so.

In some cases, reliable air pressure can only be obtained while the tires are still cool, before the heat from friction sets in. So it is recommended to check the pressure on each and inflating whichever tire needs more air before hitting the road. However, many modern vehicles are now equipped with a built-in tire pressure gauge that automatically checks the air pressure on all of the vehicle's tires simultaneously even when the car is running. This integral gauge comes with an alarm system, often a warning light on the dashboard, to alert the driver of low air pressure in any of the tires.

The built-in pressure gauge works by determining if any tire is revolving at a faster pace than the other tires. This fast rotation means that the tire is low on air pressure and the alert light on the dashboard automatically lights up when the faster tire rotation is detected. A drawback of this built-in tire pressure gauge system is that the alarm would probably not go off when all four tires are low on air pressure, leaving the driver clueless about impending danger. Another thing that pegs this built-in feature onto the useless category is the fact that 33% of drivers do not have a clue as to what that flashing icon on their dashboard signifies.

Since a tire pressure gauge was introduced as a built-in feature of car models manufactured from 2008 onwards, almost every car in the country should already have this feature by now. Thus, every single automobile driver must already be aware of what the dashboard icon indicates. But for the clueless ones, it is best to remember that the tire pressure gauge monitoring icon on the dashboard is shown as a bulging tire's cross sectional view. An exclamation point often flashes repeatedly on the middle of that icon to indicate low air tire pressure on a specific tire.

People driving older vehicles need not worry since there is a wide array of pressure gauges that can be bought from a car accessory shop in their neighborhood or from the internet. And they can rest assured about the cost since most pressure gauges are sold at very reasonable prices, ranging from $10 to $23 apiece. Regardless of the price, pressure gauges all come with a digital interface; although some are designed to voice out the current air pressure while others simply indicate the numbers or the psi level on the tire pressure gauge front panel indicator.

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Don Carter is Co-founder and CEO of DTC LifeTools which provides emergency preparedness education, resources, and tools to their customers. DTC LifeTools is known for their unique car escape tools, tire pressure gauge, and quality customer service.

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